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  • JParham By  JParham    

    Super easy snack for the kids. My son loved them. More expensive than some other options on the market but still pretty happy.

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  • Stringerpartyof5 By  Stringerpartyof5    

    All of my children love these(11,7,2) ! I have to keep them hidden!

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  • Jessicamarie1027 By  Jessicamarie1027    

    Gerber puffs are amazing for children that are crawling. They taste amazing, there easy to eat, have all the vitamins & minerals that are needed in the growth for the children. I would recommend every mom to buy these for there children. The price is amazing. There so cheap

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  • Marylara77 By  Marylara77    

    My son love them no matter what flavor! Easy snack on the go!

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  • Heather8795 By  Heather8795    


    Daughter loves these so much we stocked up on them now.

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  • cynthia12345 By  cynthia12345    

    my kids loved these. they are good for them a well.

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  • Ashley8217 By  Ashley8217    

    I loved the convenience and they loved the taste.

    I used Gerber Graduates yogurt melts as s back for both of my sons when they were smaller. I loved the convenience of them as a snack on the go and my sons loved the taste of them. It didn't matter what flavor I picked up they loved them. As a busy parent of 2 boys the ease of just grabbing the bag that has a reusable deal was so great for me for trips, sitting at doctor appointmemts,camping and etc. I would recommend this product to anyone.

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  • dbwangel By  dbwangel    

    Absolute amazing product here! My son loved these tasty treats, I loved how they melted away to, very less mess and huge happiness all around.

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  • BeautifulMary By  BeautifulMary    

    These are okay, my kids didn't really care for them.

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  • yoyomoma By  yoyomoma    


    My toddler hates these meals. I'm better off with table food or 3rd foods

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  • Jessielp0814 By  Jessielp0814    

    Kids love them

    Kids still love these they are a great taste and a soon as they hit there hands there are gone lol

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  • Cengell By  Cengell    

    My daughter absolutely loves these yogurt chips. Great nutritional option and great price.

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  • pureprophecy1 By  pureprophecy1    

    love these for a nice sweet alternative for the babies. when you don't feed the babies candy this is the perfect choice. and they love them

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  • cbeck50 By  cbeck50    

    I love the convenience of these snacks and they melt/break up so much better than the generic types. They're just extremely messy and when they're learning to eat, it can be a challenge trying to clean up after they spit them out or miss their mouths. They can also cause a horrible gummy like substance on the highchair.

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  • happygirl77 By  happygirl77    

    My nieces still lobes yogurt to this day 8 and 9. Melt away and aunt feel safe.

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