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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    Garnier Olia is my favorite hair color to use. The color matches mine perfectly and it does not fade. My hair looks great.

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  • Catz1727 By  Catz1727    

    you can't beat Garnier products for the price and quality better than most salons

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  • Pinkprincess717 By  Pinkprincess717    

    Love This

    The new Garnier Olia hair color is seriously amazing! No ammonia! It has a thick cream when applying so it doesn't drip all over! It makes my hair feel smoother and shinier! The color lasts longer as well!

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  • Peaches34 By  Peaches34    

    Love the smell

    Well I want to start by saying since I started using this brand I fell in love because my hair looks and feels amazing, it gives my hair a great vibrant color and smells fantastic, my hair hasn't look or felt this great for a long time, Garnier Olia has visibly made my hair long lasting in color, plus my hair is hydrated and silky soft.

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  • Brittany8977 By  Brittany8977    

    Better than most box colors

    I Really enjoyed the intensities of the colors olia has. Left my hair feeling a lot healthier. Colors seemed to last longer. They actually put a pair of gloves in that fit. The product wasn't runny stayed in place on the hair instead of getting everywhere.

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  • kianavandeezy By  kianavandeezy    

    I've used this a few times. Left my hair feeling nice, like all the Garnier dyes do. It smelt amazing too and didn't haven't that awful odor of most hair dyes. It lasted for a while, but not as long as most, which is a huge factor for me when buying hair dye. If you want a quick dye for a temporary time that won't damage your hair then go with this.

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  • Jessisingletary By  Jessisingletary    

    FINALLY! A hair color I can use without having to fan my face from the fumes and be afraid of sparks!! It smells lovely- The color is vibrant and lasting and greatest of all is that its so silky afterwards!! I just tried another kind through a WOM site and my hair now looks like lightening struck the scarecrow!! Thats the last time i review hair color other than this one!! I hate that i have to leave it in for a month because i miss my OLIA! Its such a great product and I have gotten several women to switch so far!! EEK* Don't you just love that your hair doesn't attract creepy sniffs all day! Everyone KNOWS you've colored when you use the chemical smelling ones. With OLIA- I like to leave them guessing!

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  • khd023 By  khd023    

    This didn't work as well as I'd hoped. The shade didn't come out like it showed on the box, and it faded really quickly. I was really excited to try this product, but it really disappointed me!

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  • temitchell45 By  temitchell45    

    I have very resistant grey hairs and this product didn't last two weeks. But, I'm giving it four stars for how well the color blended with my natural color and how soft my hair was after using it. Also the smell wasn't overly harsh. A great product if you don't have stubborn hair.

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  • teefany1 By  teefany1    

    This product covers ALL my gray hairs each month!! Best at home hair dye I have used! I have been graying since I was 17 and am now 30 and am completely gray, thanks to Olia you would never know it!! Having dark brown hair makes it extremely hard to cover grays, but this product is great and an added bonus is no stinky smell!

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  • sherryc2001us By  sherryc2001us    

    I have used a variety of hair color products over the years and this one has the best smell. It left my hair soft and smooth BUT it did not cover my wisdom strands at all. I left it on for the full time and am confident I applied it correctly. I would recommend for someone wanting a color change that does not have gray. If you do, open the windows, the doors- turn on a fan and use a different Garnier hair coloring product!

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  • gatewo11 By  gatewo11    

    I actually really like this stuff. No strong chemical smell, doesn't make your hair feel damaged or like straw, the color actually turned out pretty close to the picture on the box (which NEVER happens, especially with the reds I use) and it doesn't fade as quickly as other brands I have tried. I am a natural blonde and dye my hair flaming red so I am constantly having issues with boxed hair dyes not taking well or fading very quickly but this one was a pleasant surprise. Only complaint I have is that the bottle is a slippery little rascal, especially with gloves.

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  • ahildebrand88 By  ahildebrand88    

    This hair color is very hydrating and worked well for me! Leaves hair very shiny and healthy looking. My only grip is the shape of the applicator bottle. Can get a little slippery with gloves on and can be hard to hold on to.

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  • jazzberry187 By  jazzberry187    

    I like this hair color but I dont necessarily love it, the reason being is that it doesnt last long and I find that it even leaves my hair a little dull compared to other store bought hair colors. I do enjoy the fact that its not so strong as far as smell goes, ans the packaging really caught my attention. overall I like it but I won't re purchasd.

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  • Flakisay By  Flakisay    

    I love Garnier Olia, I color my hair every month; I have used Garnier Olia 3 times, and I LOVE it, I love the shine, and healthy feeling it gives to my hair. It covers my grey hair better than other brands, and it is more natural than other brands also. I also like their presentation, it is practical, and chic. I recommended it to my mother in-law, and she also loves it, nice smell, nice feeling, easy to use, no mess. I will keep using Garnier Olia.

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