Gap  1969 Denim Long & Lean

Gap 1969 Denim Long & Lean

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The best part about Gap jeans, is they will really fit you wonderfully if you're tall. I have long legs, and I still only wear a "regular". My sister is almost 6 feet tall, and the talls fit her beautifully. These may be a bit expensive, but ifyou watch for sales, Gap jeans are pretty affordable. Either way, they're worth your hard earned cash. If you want a pair of jeans that will fit you beautifully, last a long time, and shift from day to night with a pair of heals-- These are it!

Oh my goodness! Can I just tell you all I am 5'4 and weigh about 170 (not long and lean) lol! and these are my most FAVORITE jeans! I wear a 12 short.....I have 6 pair! No kidding! in my obessive defense the last pair were free. Gap(atleast my gap does)has a frequent jean buyer card and after you buy a pair they punch your card andafter you buy so many the next pair are FREE!! That is my kind of shopping! They are a little snug at first but by the time you leave home; they fit perfectly!

I just bought some of these a month ago--and I love them! They do get looser after a day of wearing them, but for me its not to the point of being baggy. I tend to have a major issue with fit--I wanted some dark wash jeans that weren't super ultra magnificently low rise--us girls with big booty's can't wear that crap! Seems to be the only crap anyone sells that looks good anymore--but it doesn't look good on me b/c I have a (darn good) booty! These jeans fit JUST right and were in JUST the right color. By the end of the day they did fit me looser, but I guess my booty is big enough to fill that "extra" space. ;)

Love these jeans!

all i can say is they are long.for someone who is almost 6feet, finding jeans that dont hover above my ankles is a blessing.

These jeans did not fit me very well. They hit me right in the middle of my stomach (pushing my fat over the top of the jeans) causing me to look bigger than I am. Not flattering

i bought around 4 pairs of these when they had a sale, its tough finding long jeans, but Gap just so happen to have what i want! bad side about it, is that it doesn't hold. after a while, it starts to get loose and you must wash it after every wear, or put your belt on slightly tighter to keep them up. what would make these perfect for me, is if they have it at ultra low rise!

I was excited to try the much-hyped new denim line at Gap. The fits are very modern, & they promised to be designer jean quality at the good prices we have come to expect from Gap. I purchased these in a medium wash, the fit was excellent in the store, very flattering just like my Sevens and People's Liberation. However, by the end of the day, these jeans were actually baggy. The stretch does not hold, even for a full day, and this is after I bought a size down from my usual size. I am keeping them for a good everyday jean, but knowing that I have to wash them for each and every wear.