Gabrielle Union Wants Every Woman to Feel Empowered and Fashionable

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Mar 29, 2019

New York & Company

We all want our clothing to feel good and look great, but actress and fashion designer Gabrielle Union wants women to also feel empowered while wearing her designs. She recently added four new looks to her ongoing collaboration with New York & Company that she hopes women will find both empowering and fashionable.

ABC News reports about her new line and the clothing Union hopes “real women” will add to their everyday wardrobe. The sizes offered in her line range from a size 0 to 20 and were designed with comfort in mind. Union explains that she was very hands on with the whole process of creating wearable and beautiful pieces. She says, “It was very important to me from the beginning of my partnership with New York & Company that I create pieces that I would wear, that my friends, as well as family, would wear, and that real women would feel comfortable in.”

From a power suit that is sure to make any woman feel confident to a leisure sweat shirt with the word POWER emblazoned across the front, Union’s pieces make bold statements with comfort and style in mind. She says, “I want women to feel empowered and most importantly, not feel like the clothes are attacking them.” She adds, “I love the bold patterns, stripes, statement graphics and the ranges of versatility in this collection. If you want athleisure wear, I got you. A power jumpsuit to go into your next meeting, you’re covered.”

What do you think of the pieces Gabrielle Union has added to her New York & Company line?

Would you add some of these fashions to your wardrobe?

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Crystalwill by Crystalwill | WINSTON SALEM, NC
Dec 01, 2019

I think her pieces are very trendy and fashionable. The look of the clothes make a statement. Keep doing what your doing Gabrielle because I see you! Put me on the runway because I'm here for empowering our women!

warrent23 by warrent23 | ANNAWAN, IL
May 06, 2019

Love it I would totally wear this

Gypsysoul77 by Gypsysoul77 | Bulls Gap, TN
Apr 10, 2019

I think there absolutely awesome. If only More Woman would Empower One Another More Often the world be so powerful.