Winter Skin Survival Tips and $100 Spafinder Giftcard Giveaway

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 01.20.16
Winter Skin Survival Tips and $100 Spafinder Giftcard Giveaway

Cozying up by the fire, sipping hot chocolate and building snowmen are some of the idyllic winter wonders, but the harsh winds and dry air are anything but wonderful for your skin. For many, the transition from fall to winter can be seen and felt all over your face and hands. Fortunately, there are ways of tricking your skin into thinking the warmer months are upon us.

Read on to learn tips for taking care of your skin.

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Apply a Moisturizer

The obvious answer to dry skin is applying a moisturizer, but as you may have come to understand, all moisturizers were not made equal and what works in one season may not work in another. Allure’s Stephanie Saltzman recently spoke with top dermatologists Dr. Doris Day and Dr. Joshua Zeichner about the best moisturizers to soothe winter skin. Dr. Day advised, “Make sure you're using a cream, not a lotion. If you've been using a cream at night, make it twice a day and use it both morning and night.”

applying moisturizer

If you’ve been religiously applying cream to no avail, Dr. Zeichner explains that this may have something to do with the time of day you’re applying moisturizer and the ingredients. He says, “Studies have shown that moisturizing immediately after bathing is significantly better than not applying moisturizer at all or applying it long after showering.” So have that cream handy for when you step out of that steamy shower. 

Use a Humidifier

A well-placed humidifier can do wonders for your skin as well as your sinuses. Dr. Macrene-Alexiades says a 50% humidity level is optimal. In a pinch if you don’t own a humidifier, you can always place a clean tray of water on top of your radiators to get a similar humidifying effect.

Lower the Shower Temp

We all know that a hot shower or bath can relax sore and tense muscles, but it’s not doing much for your skin. Hot steamy water will only manage to dehydrate your already dry skin. Dr. Frank explains why lowering the temp may help to keep your body’s natural oils intact, saying, “Water is not hydrating to your skin. It can be the enemy if you have dry skin. It’s the natural oils that you want.”

Eat Food High in Omega-3

And if you want to replenish or add to your skin’s natural oils, adding more fish and other foods high in omega-3’s will make a difference. Avoid things that dry the skin like caffeine and alcohol. Dr. Nicholas Perricone adds, “avoid sugary, starchy foods, which cause an inflammatory response in the body and exacerbate a host of skin problems from wrinkles to dry skin to acne, eczema, rosacea, etc.”

omega food

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  • simbalala By simbalala

    Moisturizer in the morning and at night, and in between. Drink enough water.

  • Verudiaz By Verudiaz

    Using lotion twice a day morning and evenings before go to bed.

  • Tbergs By Tbergs

    Dry brushing has become a r gulag part of my routine. I believe in the benefits inside and out. It sure has helped during this cold winter season. I try really hard to take a cooler shower but it is so uncomfortable. I do moisturizer right when I get out of the shower though. I drink plenty of water and take omegas.

  • MacMama4 By MacMama4

    I drink a lot of water and moisturize after showering.

  • KLaRae By KLaRae

    I have always been prone to dry skin, but especially so in the winter. I always moisturize in the morning and evening. As much as I love the smell of perfumed bath soaps and body washes, the chemicals are much to harsh and I find myself having to cut those products out in the winter.

  • KellyN By KellyN

    I combat dry skin by using moisturizer daily after I get out of the shower and by using warm water in the shower. I also try and cover my face with a scarf during a bitterly cold day. I am going to add eating more Omega-3 after reading this!!!

  • tsmith4 By tsmith4

    I do use a humidifier and I always lower my shower temperature. At night I put on a very thick hand lotion and then cover my hands with stretchy gloves to let it soak in.

  • Jbreezze By Jbreezze

    I use Aveno body wash and coconut oil to ward off dry winter skin.

  • tinojen By tinojen

    I exfoliate every other week and put on a homemade avocado facial mask then apply spf moisturizer to seal it all in to avoid dry skin especially during the winter.

  • ecollins86 By ecollins86

    Lotion and chapstick

  • eyp1980 By eyp1980

    I drink water daily and moisturize my skin.

  • Heidi608 By Heidi608

    I have ALWAYS used Organic coconut oil for hair, skin & nails. I cook with it,use it in smoothies. I eat Omega rich foods. I also take Omega supplements as well as evening Primrose oil. My skin still does get dry, but it's usually because of my diet. Drink plenty of filtered water. I NEED a Spa treatment so bad. It's scary. Please help. Heidi Sue Steele

  • smilygirl By smilygirl

    With smooth lotions

  • Jwag464 By Jwag464

    My skin gets really dry in the winter, especially the last few years. I avoid long super hot showers or baths, and use an oatmeal treatment when I do take a bath. A gentle moisturizing soap helps, especially on my hands. Moisturizing often and keeping skin covered outside helps! If my skin gets really bad I will apply Vaseline as offer as I can until my skin improves.

  • stnwilliams By stnwilliams

    I use olive oil on my skin to keep it from being dry

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