From Dream to Reality with Actress and Model Paige Mobley

Paige Mobley

From Dream to Reality with Actress & Model Paige Mobley

SS Member Image    by   SheSpeaksTeam    Dec 21, 2022

This episode, Aliza joins the multi-talented Paige Mobley to talk about her role on Instant Dream Home, how she got started as an entertainment professional, and all of her exciting plans for the future of her work.

Episode Highlights:

7:01 - Paige’s role on Instant Dream Home

11:41 - What people have assumed right about the modeling industry

17:20 - How Eastend Entertainment got started

More About Paige

Paige Mobley is an American actress, reality star, TV producer and Creative Director at Eastend Entertainment. Eastend is a 'film, television, and theatrical production company that champions emerging female filmmakers as it works to create and discover content that promotes women, women’s ideas, and puts them at the center of the story.'

Links & Resources:

Instant Dream Home

Eastend Entertainment

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