Frederic Fekkai  Salon Technician Color Care Shampoo

Frederic Fekkai Salon Technician Color Care Shampoo

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My Favorite Shampoo. I have used this shampoo (and conditioner) for years. It is low sudsing which is an advantage with our septic system and field. It does a good job and I actively seek it out.

i received a sample of this in a beauty kit and i absolutely loved it! I Immediately bought the full sized bottle. Yes it is quite pricey but you don't need much, a little goes along way and i can go about three days between washes which you can easily do with this shampoo as it does not make your hair feel or look oily/dirty. I feel like it has helped my highlights last longer than usual. I love the Fekkai line of products! They are outstanding and I only use them now for my hair care needs. Try it you won't regret it!

Price is high, but I did feel that the shampoo worked well on my hair. After using the conditioner, when I went to brush my hair, it seemed my knotted than when I use other conditioner. Really had to work through my hair, as I tried to brush. Fragrance was nice, but I don't think I would buy on my own. It isn't that much if any more superior!

I received a sample of this shampoo and the matching 3 minute conditioning mask in the mail. The price for these is high so I was happy to give it a try without cashing in my 401K first. The shampoo was nothing to write home about; the scent was nice, but it cleansed no better than any other shampoo. However, that mask was nothing short of disgusting. The texture was as though I took the remnants of old bacon grease and combed it through my hair. I can't even properly write about this product without a shiver creeping up my spine. I sincerely hope I received a bad batch of this mask in the mail so that no one else ever has to experience what I went through. Ugh.

I really like this product, what I absolutely love better than the shampoo, is the conditioner! As soon as I apply the conditioner my hair relaxes and untangles almost immediately.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this product ....i bought this from costco and its the best shampoo for my colored treated hair... only concern is price is little high.

this is a great product. it seemed pricey but sooo worth it.most shampoos are just shampoo. they wash and my hair looks the same. kind of bla.(i need a trim) but this one makes it sleek and shiny. unlike anything else. it moves great and looks less frizzy. paired with the glossing treatment, it is unbeatable!

works great well wprth the extra $

I really did not like this stuff. IT made my hair feel very stiff and not clean. For the money I was extremly disapointed.

I'm so excited to see that others love this product too! It is pricey but, so worth it! I use this in my shampoo rotation every other week. I can't tell you how amazing my hair feels after I wash it with Fekkai! I would absolutely continue to buy this. Thanks for the great tips on how to get a deal on it!

I love Fekkai products. Too bad their a little high in price.

I also use this shampoo as my primary color care shampoo. SInce using this (about a year) I also noticed I only need to touch my color every 3 months. TJ Maxx also found this cheaper - but still well worth the price.