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  • bdesarro By  bdesarro    

    I love his song "no, you girls'. So good!

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  • CreeRae By  CreeRae    

    I really like franz ferdinand already, and you're totally right. It's perfect pump up music with a kick of the alternative and different. I also love to blast this CD in the car on long trips. The music is fun enough that I can listen and jam to the whole thing!

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  • frauleinpossum By  frauleinpossum    

    I absolutely love this high energy cd ! I have their other 2 cds as well, loved the first, the second was only mediocre at best. I love music, but listen to different things for different reasons. This particular cd is absolutely brilliant for use on my treadmill workouts. It is fast, upbeat and catchy, just great for workouts. I highly recommend this cd, but most especially if you are looking for something to keep you go that much longer while working out and getting fit !

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