Fox Fringe

Fox Fringe

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I love this show. We just started watching it on Netflix not to long ago. It has a great cast of characters. The storyline is great. Walter is my favorite character by far. All the characters do a great job acting! Can't wait to find out what happens! Has all the things that draw you in and keep you addicted!

I LOVE FRINGE! Great actors, humor, and things that make u think. i soooo wish this show would b brought back. i was so into this show. Nothing to this show because there is NOTHING like it!

Great show if you like sci-fi. It was cancelled or ended. They didn't leave it hanging and I really liked the way they ended it. Loved this show was sorry to see it go.

Pretty strange stuff goes on in this show, but it's always good to watch

Fringe has completely filled the need I had when X-Files ended! I'm not much of a sci-fi girl but this has possibility written all over it! If I think it can happen then I love the show. This show is incredible! They make you feel like these crazy scenarios are right around the corner!

My husband would rate Fringe a ten if he could! I enjoy it to a point. The characters are interesting, especially Walter. However, sometimes I can't figure out where we are. Is that the real Olivia or the Olivia from the other side? Lots of original thinking goes into each episode, I will give you that!

My husband and I absolutely love this show. We have it set up to record on our DVR so we don't miss an episode! We haven't been able to find a show that keeps our interest in a long time but Fringe definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat and always leaves you wanting more! We love it! It makes date night so much fun and it keeps us from going out and spending money in this hard economic time!

We love this show. Different than anything else out there. This is a regular in our house - we have couch dates to watch this show Friday nights! Yes, we love it. And it keeps us wondering what is next each week.

I really enjoyed the ending - left the series in a final state or ready for a next season. It has been renewed.

I have watched this show and found it interesting and entertaining. My son who is 23 says he really likes it and watches it faithfully every week.

Love this show, only one show this season got a huge thumbs down. Specifically the one with the chiamera type creature that was killing people. Other than that episode, the season kept me on the edge of my chair and wanting more.

I love this show... very different!

Watched it a few times and it didn't hold my interest.