For Some Women Business is Booming

   By drodriguez  Dec 20, 2008

After hearing endless news stories about the economic downturn, we have a little uplifting news.  MarketWatch recently reported about a survey conducted by the Women’s Business Council Southwest (WBCS).  The 2008 survey showed that women-owned businesses are actually faring significantly better now than they were this same time last year.

Members of the WBCS who took the survey reported on their expected revenue for 2008.  61 percent said they expected to see a 26 percent increase in revenue while 45 percent reported their earnings would be at least 50 percent more than last year. 

Not only are these women owned enterprises reporting higher revenue, they are also hiring on more employees.  Almost half the women surveyed said they would be hiring more employees in 2009.  Only 12 percent of those surveyed said they would have to reduce their staff in the upcoming year. During a time when the unemployment rate is soaring, women owned businesses are creating stable work environments.

The survey also revealed that women business owners feel they will be most challenged in 2009 by access to potential clients and customers, access to working capital, and a reduction in their profit margin.  Despite these challenges it seems women owned business are pressing on and doing what it takes to stay afloat during the economic downturn.

Debbie Hurst, president of WBCS, spoke with MarketWatch about women who own businesses and the recent results from the 2008 survey.  She said, “They are not surrendering to the generally dismal outlook that is so prevalent in so many sectors, and instead are doing what it takes to make their businesses thrive, or at least remain viable.”

What do you think about the recent report that women owned businesses are doing well?

Do you see women owned businesses in your neighborhood thriving?

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susanth by susanth | GAHANNA, OH
Jan 02, 2009

I understand the concerns people have regarding the economy these days. I am a manufacturers rep for a home decor and gift ware company and I work with small businesses all the time. I am hearing from my customers that they are doing well with low priced items and are working harder than they have in recent times, but many are actually expanding their businesses. There are fantastic opportunities to get cheap rents on store spaces, and they can get great deals on many displays and many manufactures are offering dating offers, and discounts that in better days were unheard of. I do have customers who are struggling, but many times when I look at their business it is clear to me immediatly what the problem is.

hairs2u by hairs2u | Lowell, MA
Jan 01, 2009

I know times are tough right know for a lot of people. But, my business did well this year. I do not know what the future will hold but I am curious to see what 2009 has to offer.