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FOX Bones

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I know I'm like one of the only people in America that doesnt like this show. The first season youll get pulled in slightly by Bones and her relationship with the guy. I dont even remember his name the show is boring. There are so many medical dramas I'd rather watch and this one cuts out most of the colorful characters that make these kind of shows great! Plus the Doctor is awkward as hell...

I'm completely hooked on this show!!!! I love it! Good writing and great storylines!

Good writers, always interesting and not too violent. Not always the best to watch when eating sometime very realist.

I LOVE Bones. It's one of my all time favorite TV shows. They are pretty accurate with the things they do on the show, beside how long test actually take to com back. Always has you on the edge of your seat. Well worth the watch!

Love this show! It is more than just a crime/detective show and the characters have developed and changed a lot over the seasons.

Absolutely LOVE this show! Great intellectual content and awesome love story unfolds! The banter will keep you laughing and the crime stories are unbelievable..

A great show to watch, A mix between mystery and a little romance. My mom got me watching this show!

I loved this show for many years. But, I feel like it kind of lost something along the way. It went from a favorite, to a 'I'm caught up on everything else so why not' to a oh my god they did what to.. .well if you watch you know what they did to who that made me throw in the towel.

I love this show. It's smart, funny & interesting.

I love this show!! I love the cast, I think they work together perfectly.

Watching Bones as we speak. Great show! Makes me laugh from time to time but not as entertaining as last season. I'm a die hard Bones fan and will continue to watch both new and rerun episodes.

I love this show. I am always waiting for the next surprise they will throw my way. How many ways can they come up with people dying and somehow the body and down to bones.

I love BONES! This show is amazing! I love seeing a show where a woman is the main star and is brilliant. Its very addicting to watch! The cast is great! The storyline is amazing!

Love this show!Everyone in my house loves to watch it.I got hooked the first time I watched it.

I liked it at one point in time, it is still ok, but not as entertaining as I once thought.