Erin Morgenstern The Night Circus

Erin Morgenstern The Night Circus

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It takes a few to get into but after you read along it gets better...I would recommend it just read it patiently.

Great Book. I really enjoyed it

Great, great book!! It'll take a few chapters to get into it, but I love how the story unravels as you read it. Definitely different than a lot of books out there. Well crafted and written. This book should be on everyone's must-read list!

Magical Duel - The playing field a circus. The imagery is amazing in this book, pulls you right in and you start to think in black in white as that is how the Night Circus is portrayed.

At first I wasn't sure if I was going to like this book with the way the chapters were laid out and the way the story progressed. I had to get used to Erin Morgenstern's style of writing. When you get deeper into the book the imagery is MUCH better. Once I got about a quarter of the way in, I was hooked. I started reading this at the recommendation of a co-worker. It didn't seem like a book that would really interest me but it just goes to show, you can't judge a book by its cover :) This book is full of surprises, just like a real circus. This isn't your typical "circus" though...

You are invited to witness a magical duel. The competitors: two children, Marco and Celia, torn from childhood to train under the world's greatest magicians. Observe as they create a dazzling fairytale world of fantasy and splendor, showcasing their talents in a splendid array of enchanting tents and symbolic exhibitions. Hold your breath in anticipation as they fall in love and are torn between the challenge and their hearts? desires. The venue: a late nineteenth century circus of dreams, spun of the magicians? imaginations, that appears mysteriously outside cities and opens its gates at nightfall, lit by the subtle gleam of the evening stars and the brilliance of the circus? blazing central bonfire. Explore its myriad of exotic, sensual displays; stand mesmerized as you watch its living statues and contortionists; see your world foretold by the Tarot cards; feel yourself drawn into its magic and changed by its influence on your life, as are the characters that populate its exhibits. The spectators: a rich cast of characters that are both influential upon and influenced by the circus. Sigh as their lives are irreversibly altered by its magic. Weep as they experience tragedy and loss as a result of the circus? effect. Cry tears of joy as they find love and purpose within its circles. How can I aptly describe how I feel about this book in a unique way? My praise can only be a drop in the bucket of lauds that have been heaped upon it already. With its intimate and beautiful prose, its sensual yet non-graphic love story and its broad cast of characters, Erin Morgenstern's metaphoric story held me spellbound from beginning to end. The circus become for me, as it was for Celia, a ?wonder and comfort and mystery all together.? Beautiful, beautiful novel. According to Alexander, there are many kinds of magic; one of them, perhaps one of the most powerful, is storytelling. Erin Morganstern is just such a magician. Her story captivates you while you?re reading it and stays with you long after the last page. It will transform you into a reveur.

The imagery in this books takes you right into the story, the characters interactions are amazing. I literally would find myself reading before work, during breaks, and as soon as the kids were in bed I'd pick it back up. didn't want it to end.