Emma Donoghue Room

Emma Donoghue Room

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Liked the book and couldn't wait for the movie I read this book a few years ago. It was very detailed as to give you a sense of the mundane slow "torture" the pair had to endure. I think that is where the low ratings may be coming from? It was long during that portion, but I get why. Overall, I really liked the book so much that I couldn't wait for the movie to be released. The book is better :)

Huge disappointment One of the worst books I've read in awhile. I rarely ever stop reading a book, but after 120 pages or so, I was consistently falling asleep while reading. The entire first 1/3 of the book consists of what the mother and child do on a day to day basis while trapped in a room. It goes on and on about the boring details of the games they play, TV shows they watch, and food they eat. Very disappointed as I thought the premise of the book (a mother and her child of rape held captive by the father/rapist) had extreme potential, especially with it being told from the point of view of the child. However, I just couldn't get past all the boring, pointless details and was forced to put it down. Before I did, I flipped through some pages to get the overall ending and plot of the story. Still didn't think it was worth it.

This was ok a little disturbing. I didn't like that is was told by the boy though it made it strange.

The unique perspective and compelling plot made this book one that I could not put down. The premise was horrifying, yet the story, told from the point of view of a little boy in an untenable situation, was riveting. This was a great read.

This is a real page turner. It is about a mother and child being held captive for years by a psychotic man. The book is written from the viewpoint of the 5 year old child. The book is chilling and terrifying. It is so disturbing that the story sticks with you for days.