Emergen-C Super Orange Dietary Supplement

Emergen-C Super Orange Dietary Supplement

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They are good if you need a boost of vitamin c not so much if you are trying to kick a cold

I love emergen-c, I take it when I'm feeling a little under the weather. It also is great for after a hard cardo workout, the electrolytes really help.

These taste really good but I never notice a change in my colds or prevention of colds either. Not worth it for me.

I did have it for a week,not a big fan of the taste and will not buy it again. it was not what I expected.

I like to take it when i am sick it is very nice cause it works fast..

This didn't quite cute my cold but it made me feel a little better. I was not coughing as much when I took it but I was still a bit sick.

I have received a couple of samples free for review. I take a Vit C pill every day and much prefer that to having to use this in so much water. Just give me a pill please.

I like the test and smell! But you have to make sure you ll not have allergy Because it feels kind of chemical

So this is my go to every time I think I am coming down with a cold. It seems to work for me!

Absolutely love this stuff. Gets me feeling better quick. Doesn't taste the greatest but it's worth it

I'm a new fan of EmergenC! I love how high the dose of vitamins are and it doesn't have that bad of a taste considering! My boyfriend took this when he felt that he was becoming sick and felt better the next day!! I was so glad I got to try this product for free! Worth the buy in my opinion. :]

Wasn't a big fan. I was excited to taste this, but it wasn't what I thought. Awful taste

My mom told me to try these and I love them. Easy to take in your purse and quick to mix and use.

I am not sure if it is my immune system or this product but I use this all winter and I rarely am sick.

I run and stock up on this product as soon as I start to feel sick! It helps lessen the effects and last a shorter amount of time.