Emerald  Cocoa Roast Almonds

Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds

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Didn't like the subtle cocoa taste.

This is one of my favorite snacks. I love the chocolatey taste and the wholesomeness of almonds. Usually when I buy a can, it's gone within days: hubby loves them too!

It's okay. Doesn't really taste like it has a cocoa flavor but it's a better option than just eating chocolate.

Just bought these a few days ago. Absolutely delicious. Nice flavor but not sweet.

wow this is a great product i got 2 big jars of these and sadly i can only get it in sam`s club they dont sell this at walmart and any other store in my area .but this is a really great product .I really love this! i would reaaly reccommend this to everyone!

Decent snack, but I think I'll stick to plain almonds.

I started eating these when I was on a diet. Now, they aren't 100% healthy but they are pretty good when you want a taste of chocolate. They are dry blasted with the cocoa and the nuts are super yummy. I love this and the other flavor options that are out there. I highly recommend them-- great snack item!

I really enjoyed these. You get the benefits of eating nuts, the indulgence of chocolate and really very little guilt. It really is the perfect snack. The sweetness is subtle, the coco is satisfying and nuts are filling, just right.

I bought these once and they weren't really worth it. I found the almonds were a tad over roasted and while they did smell good, they didn't taste as good as other chocolate roasted almonds I've had before. Chance of me buying them again, very slim.


I buy these when they are on sale BOGO at Publix. I think they are declicious and a great way to kill a chocolate craving. I read the post about the artificial sweeteners in this product, but fortunately I don't have any reaction to those.

These are great. And VERY LITTLE sugar - almost none. I give them to my child because he feels like he is getting candy but I know he is getting something way better. It also helps me satisfy a chocolate craving without the guilt!

best ever

My husband was just diagnosed borderline diabetic. . . . had to give up his sweets.... but these delicious morsels help with some of his cravings! They're great!!!

Yum! These are great! It not only takes care of the chocolate craving..but gives you some healthy protein and fats!!