Easy, Cheesy Appetizers for the Big Game

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Easy, Cheesy Appetizers for the Big Game

This is a sponsored post for Kraft Heinz and Georgia-Pacific®.

Though your Big Game celebration might look a little different this year, the most important thing still remains… THE SNACKS! Here are four appetizer recipes that bring the party, even if you’re only having a party of one! Walmart is here for the assist with all the winning ingredients from Kraft Heinz as well as everything you need for easy serving and clean-up from Dixie®, Vanity Fair®, and Sparkle® -- so what are you waiting for?!

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Cheesy Spinach & Bacon Dip Bites

These Cheesy Spinach and Bacon Dip Bites only have six ingredients and couldn’t be easier to make! The best part? You don’t have to share! Jaclyn says, “With this tasty twist on classic spinach dip, everyone gets their own dip bites — no sharing chips and dip from a large bowl.” With their portable shape and size, you can eat these on the move (around the living room, that is), just make sure you have plenty of Vanity Fair® Extra Absorbent napkins on hand -- part paper towel, part napkin, and 100% crumb-catching!

BBQ Chicken Cups

Appetizer bites are so nice, we had to put them on this list twice. These are filled with delicious BBQ Chicken (with a little help from Kraft® Original Barbecue Sauce) and are so easy to make for a small gathering! Jennifer’s tip is to serve them on Dixie Ultra® Plates so you can “Sit back, enjoy the game (and the commercials) with the family without having dirty dishes looming for postgame cleanup.”

Cheesy Bacon Loaded Fries

Fries are a favorite of kids and adults alike, making them the perfect snack to please the whole family. Wanda tops these Cheesy Bacon Loaded Fries off with a little Kraft® Mayochup and serves them individually in Dixie® To Go Cups, which are great for hot and cold drinks or snacks!

Spicy Bacon Cheeseburger Roll-Up

Spice up your celebration with these Spicy Bacon Cheeseburger Roll-Ups. They’re loaded up with ground beef, Oscar Mayer® bacon, Velveeta®, and hot sauce for the kick! Tamara warns “the night of the big game can get messy (especially with this cheesy recipe!),” so make sure you’ve got the right paper products on hand, a.k.a. Sparkle® Paper Towels, which are perfect for small spills and messes.

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  • Meemster By Meemster

    can't wait to try a few of these ~ they look yummy!

  • kugrad2005 By kugrad2005

    Cant wait to try these yummy recipes! 

  • GiveItAWhirlGirl By GiveItAWhirlGirl


  • elizdup By elizdup

    Wait! I was missed informed,  big game? I was told it was canceled....I need to start planning now!

  • RunningMary By RunningMary

    Everything looks so yummy and I love that all of these receipes are easy and take little time.  

  • leona1219 By leona1219

    The bacon cheeseburger roll ups sound amazing!!

  • wendywright40 By wendywright40

    These fries take like a rotten piece o chiken that was stiken up me ass and then deepfrid
    i luv em 

    yummy yummy yummy . i luv ass fries

  • tjs68111 By tjs68111

    Cheesy Bacon Loaded Fries sound very delicious 😋 but I would like to try them all!! 🤪🤪

  • Momtalks By Momtalks

    😋 they all look so good! 

  • jerseygirl137 By jerseygirl137

    All of these recipes would be a great addition to any Super Bowl celebration

  • Hatshepsut By Hatshepsut

    Cheesy Bacon Loaded Fries sounds like a good idea, not just for a game. 
    Easy to make and everyone can use a disposable cup, so it's also easy cleanup! 

  • millit By millit

    I'd try them all!

  • thebramble By thebramble

    Never have cared about the Super Bowl nor the food .. I always like to bring fresh cut up fruit or veggies or a salad to any gathering .. none of the above look like something I would eat.

  • Archie By Archie

    Great recipe ideas.

  • reakilgore By reakilgore

    Love that these avoid double-dipping, and finger-licking germs being spread!  They all look mouth-watering too.

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