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  • hahahannah By  hahahannah    

    This is a great addition to my morning coffee! A yummy caffeine kick to start the day

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  • evita13 By  evita13    

    I enjoying using this creamer on my home made iced coffees. When using this creamer I dont even need sugar.

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  • Awall22 By  Awall22    

    The extra extra is one of my favorites.I also like the vanilla and also the chocolate.They are a great addition to my coffee.

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  • jwilk27 By  jwilk27    

    The best of both worlds right here...coffee and donuts without ever leaving your house! So tasty! It's like dessert in a cup! Love it!

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  • lila88 By  lila88    

    Like it, nice taste, wish it was a bit more strong

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  • SassyBri By  SassyBri    

    I was not impressed by this creamer. I love Dunkin Donuts coffee but there was a strange taste to this creamer I threw out the whole bottle!

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  • mystienyght By  mystienyght    

    This is really, really good creamer! It has a smooth creamy taste and the BONUS... it is UNSWEETENED!!! YAY! I find most flavored creamers way to sweet! This one is very good! (Their coffee is really tasty too!) This creamer made my morning cup creamy and satisfying with no distracting flavor or aftertaste. A+++ Dunkin' Donuts! Oh, man now I want their donuts! lol

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  • itsmoi By  itsmoi    

    I bought the extra creamy and loved it, and was happy to see it was made with cream and sugar. I then wanted to try the vanilla flavored but noticed that was made with palm oil ewwwww. So I'm thinking why different ingredients for the same product just different flavor? Is kind of deceptive becausei would think if one is natural wholesome ingredients then all should be the same, i love vanilla creamer and hope they change oil to real cream.

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  • Bayou715 By  Bayou715    

    I've tried both the Dunkin' Donuts regularly sweetened creamer and their extra creamy/sweet version. Their regular version is somewhat bland so I added a little bit more sugar to balance out my coffee. It tasted fine but did lack a some richness. The extra creamy/sweet allows you to use less and still get a good amount of sweetness but it almost tasted like I had butter in my coffee. This product does give you more volume than other similarly priced creamers and goes on sale fairly often. All in all, I'd say they have some work to do on balancing their flavors before I'd make this my fallback creamer.

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  • lgodsey By  lgodsey    

    I got the Extra Sweet and Creamy Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Creamer, nothing extra about it because it was on sale, bad idea. It barely had any sweet in it all. I had to add extra sugar yuck. Went back to old favorite of mine Coffeemate.

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  • SavdByGrace By  SavdByGrace    

    Not finding my usual creamer in the grocery store fridge I noticed a new creamer I'd not seen before, Dunkin' Donuts Unsweetened Coffee Creamer. Why not give it a try, I thought. I was not disappointed. I'm rather particular about my coffee and what I put in it. This creamer totally added to my morning cup with no distracting flavor or aftertaste. It comes, like most refrigerated creamers in a plastic bottle with a pour spout cap. Very convenient. The only small problem for me would be that it is made with real cream and I'm supposed to watch my cholesterol. Not a big deal for as good as it is.

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