Pregnant Duchess Kate Hospitalized

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Dec 04, 2012

As the world buzzes over the announcement that Prince William and Duchess Kate are expecting their first child, we are beginning to hear stories of how the pregnancy is going. Many women know how uncomfortable morning sickness can be during those first few months, but Duchess Kate has been experiencing a rare illness with severe symptoms.

USA Today reports about the rare pregnancy symptom Kate is suffering of severe nausea and vomiting is known as hyperemesis gravidarum. The condition can be so extreme that it is difficult for the mother to keep anything down. Though the condition rarely elicits a trip to the ER some women who have been excessively vomiting over a 24-hour period are advised to call their doctors.

Kate can now count herself as one of the less than 1% of women that are hospitalized due to hyperemesis gravidarum during their pregnancy. While in hospital, doctors administer anti-nausea medicine, intravenous fluids, and vitamins to ensure the mother and baby get back on track before returning home.

The condition, though miserable for the mother, is not usually harmful for the baby and usually goes away by the second trimester. Doctors believe the condition can be more prevelant in women carrying twins or triplets.

Did you experience any medical complications or illness while you were pregnant?



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mixedlex by mixedlex | Whitye Hall, MD
Jan 05, 2013

I had no morning sickness during my pregnancy but my sister said she was sick everyday for all of her pregnancies. I cannot believe how different each mother and child pairing can be and it is hard for me to believe she was hospitalized for such a thing. However, I do understand how uncomfortable it could be. In high school and college I used to get labor-like cramps which would make me physically sick.

zenfulwoman by zenfulwoman | West Babylon, NY
Dec 04, 2012

I been lucky 3x but instead just ate sweet things to keep me full

threeheartsrsh by threeheartsrsh | Conroe, TX
Dec 04, 2012

I was blessed to NOT have 'morning sickness' when I had my one and only. I NEVER mocked anyone who was ill. Rich or poor, famous or obscure - when a person is sick - we should not mock. If you cannot empathize or sympathize - be SILENT!

JosieJadore by JosieJadore | STAR PRAIRIE, WI
Dec 04, 2012

Okay, so yeah, congrats on her being with child and all...and maybe I might sound a little insensitive when I say this but, everyone is acting like she is the only one that is not only pregnant but is suffering with this. Get over it.

vfrance1020 by vfrance1020 | Manteca, CA
Dec 04, 2012

A good friend of mine has hyperemesis as well and it is a truly dibilitating condition and should not be discounted as severe morning sickness. My heart goes out to the dutchess and I hope the meds work for her.

RissaG by RissaG | MARIETTA, GA
Dec 04, 2012

I have three kids and the first pregnancy was the worst of the three in terms of morning sickness. My mouth always seemed dry so I would have a bottle of water with me all day and night. I spat a lot and it seemed like I had no taste in my mouth. My morning sickness was bad but I never had to go to the hospital. I had lots of ginger candy, and ginger ale on hand. I also had some crackers by my bedside In addition, I had stopped eating chicken throughout the pregnancy as well as other foods because I just could stand the taste of them. It didn't totally go away but I felt a little better as the months went on.

breezie by breezie | BRASSTOWN, NC
Dec 04, 2012

I was pretty sick with both kids, but especially the first one. I couldn't even smell meat and forget eating anything but chicken. I think I survived on chicken sandwiches and salads with a lot of juices. I was given something, don't remember what it was but it dissolved under my tongue. It helped so much to calm my stomach.

susiedag by susiedag | Lapeer, MI
Dec 04, 2012

I was very sick with my first child. Couldn't keep any water or food down and got down to 86 pounds and blood pressure was extremely low. Dr. put me in the hospital for a couple days and started me on Phenergan suppositories. I had to stay on the medication the whole pregnancy but was able to taper off of the dose. I still got sick every day but was able to keep most of my intake down after that. I wished there was something I could have used that was natural.