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Pregnant Duchess Kate Hospitalized

on Jan 05, 2013: I had no morning sickness during my pregnancy but my sister said she was sick everyday for all of her pregnancies. I cannot believe how different each mother and child pairing can be and it is hard for me to believe she was hospitalized for such a thing. However, I do understand how uncomfortable …

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Big Tobacco Forced to Own Up In a Big Way

on Jan 05, 2013: I don'[t think much will affect the rate of smoking. Maryland doesn't allow smoking in public buildings and has a minimum price on tobacco and I am still gagged almost everywhere I go.

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Texas Mom Ordered To Stop Breastfeeding at the Mall

on Jan 05, 2013: I breastfeed my son and I am not comfortable feeding him in public, but sometimes I have to. Our public feedings have pretty much been restricted to restaurants. Most of the time I feed him in the car, but if anyone ever asked me to stop or leave it would break my heart. It's like the image of you…