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  • Ashwal123 By  Ashwal123    

    Smells great

    These are amazing. They make my laundry smell amazing, and also work really well in my wax warmer and make my entire house smell so fresh and clean day in and day out.

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  • justrelaxing By  justrelaxing    

    I love these downy unstoppable beads! I even add them to my vacuum bag!

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  • Goochiegirl By  Goochiegirl    

    Downy unstoppables review

    I recently tried Downy unstoppables tide scent laundry booster. I absolutely love the smell of my laundry after and the scent stays smelling fresh for weeks

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  • SharpieFairy By  SharpieFairy    

    A definite BOOST in fresh laundry!

    As of a mother of three young and very active boys I am always looking for ways to make my laundry smell fresh longer. The Downy Unstopables brand of "scent boosters" are amazing. All you have to do is drop a little (or a lot!) into your load of laundry for fresh smelling clothes for days! Pick them up on your next shopping trip and try them for yourself.

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  • Ilookeditup By  Ilookeditup    

    Makes my laundry smell wonderful...that, in my opinion, is the only thing it needs to do and it does it so well.

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  • AcrosstheAvenue By  AcrosstheAvenue    

    Downy Unstoppables are Super Fresh!

    I love how these Unstoppables smell. My laundry always has a fresh scent that lasts a long time. I prefer them to the Purex Crystals.

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  • ScarlettAurora By  ScarlettAurora    

    Unstoppable Scent

    I absolutely love this product. My clothes have smelt nothing but fresh after every wash whYlgmen using Unstoppable. Perfect name also because the scent is unstoppable!!!

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  • empusagirl By  empusagirl    

    Excellent Laundry Product

    These Downy Unstopables are amazing. They are very easy to use. All you do is pour them into your washer before you put your laundry in and that's it. My house smelled great as I was doing my laundry and our laundry smelled great as we wore it. I also washed my linen in them so I could snuggle up to the smell at night. It was the best! It's a strong but good smell. I love them.

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  • HollyKay1 By  HollyKay1    

    If you have teenage boys, you need this!

    I have a teenage son and this works great with his bedding. Teenagers always seem to perspire more than any other age group and this does the trick for longer lasting scent. Love the smell!

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  • UrsulaFoster By  UrsulaFoster    

    mum bought 9yr old approved

    Love these - outta ALL brands that make these smelly crystals mine 9yr old daughter favors DOWNY brand most - she says she could just curl up & live inside - petty dang yummy smells

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  • Paysshy By  Paysshy    

    Great Product

    I love this stuff, I use it in every load of clothes. The scent lasts for days. Even after my husband comes goes to work and comes home you can still smell the scent.

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  • JamJam77 By  JamJam77    

    Smells Amazing

    The only thing I don't like about Downy Unstopables is the price, kinda spendy but the results are excellent! The smell of your clothes is so very pleasant that I have to purchase even when it's not on sale. And trust me on this one you will get a more restful sleep after washing your sheets with this product!!

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  • Egritter By  Egritter    

    These beads make my laundry smell great for days after washing.

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  • jacklynam0510 By  jacklynam0510    

    Smells like heaven!

    I use this every time I do laundry and it smells like heaven my husband hates the price but it last for a while so he doesn't complain.

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  • Albrey By  Albrey    

    The best fabric softner that will have you hooked on its geatness after the first use.

    Downy unstoppable are on of my few luxurious that I will buy even when it's not on sale. I was hooked the first time I used them. That's all it took was to try the scent of fresh on my families laundry and as I folded the laundry all I could think of was how great it smelled. My second finding was how long the scent lasted. My laundry stays fresh in the drawer until I wear it, no matter how long that may be. I am a huge fan of downy unstoppable!

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