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  • So_adktve By  So_adktve    

    Love it

    Smells amazing and the smell lasts a while after being washed

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  • h0tmama86 By  h0tmama86    

    I love this stuff it smells great and keeps smelling great long after you wash

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  • Apricotdreams By  Apricotdreams    


    I love the way this smells 7 days after washing. Wonderful product

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  • queenubian1995 By  queenubian1995    

    I love downy. My laundry has never smelled so good. It stays on your clothes for days. I even use a little in a spray bottle diluted with water for an amazing air freshener and to spray on furniture as well.

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  • rolliepollie By  rolliepollie    

    Happy Laundry

    I love using this Downy fabric softener in my laundry. Mostly I use on shirts, sheets, and pajamas. I love the faint smell left on my clothes. It also has a nice scent to help you fall asleep if you wash your sheets with this. While this is my favorite scent there are several scents available. I have tried a couple and would recommend all of them.

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  • barbie20135 By  barbie20135    

    I love the smell of this and I use it in every load. I would highly recommend

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  • Zoiebabee By  Zoiebabee    

    Downy for the WIN!

    I really like all the Downy softners and sheets but the Simple Pleasures is my favorite. The clothes come out so soft and the smell lingers for weeks. I really like to clean my sheets right before bedtime and use the Simple Pleasures on them. When I get into bed it makes me feel so good to have the fantastic smell all around me.

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  • Tmcgill By  Tmcgill    

    Soft to touch

    Love the smell of the entire line of these products and the best part of them is how soft they make everything feel!

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  • joesgirl96 By  joesgirl96    

    love it

    This is one of my favorite fabric softeners, I love it! I love the smell and how soft my clothes feel

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  • 2betti3 By  2betti3    

    downy softener

    good product with long lasting scent and made my clothes really soft

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  • Dreamykid By  Dreamykid    

    Greatest Fragrance Ever

    I am a 51 yr old male. My Mom would use Downy sometimes, I like it but I wasn't too keen on it, UNTIL Downy came out with the Simple Pleasures Lavender and Vanilla. I fell in love with this aromatic , I don't know how to explain it, I have never forgotten this scent. PLEASE if any one can tell me where I could buy this AGAIN I would be more than Greatful, I would be Ecstatically Overjoyed. Signed "Hopelessly trapped in the pass" in Salem, Oregon

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  • three11cutie By  three11cutie    

    Great smelling

    Downy is one of my favorite softeners. All of their scents smell so good and it makes my clothes so soft. The prices are affordable too for the amount of loads you can do.

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  • angelburciago By  angelburciago    

    Just dreamy

    I love Downy, but this one is AMAZING! Softens and leaves an amazing scent. The scent lasts my bedding smells so great that lavender scent puts me right to sleep!

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  • quackers50 By  quackers50    

    Great for laundry

    I love using Dowey Simple Pleasures in my laundry. Keeps the clothes smelling fresh and they come out so soft! Downy is the best!

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  • missdrp By  missdrp    

    I love it!

    I love the smell and the softness of my clothes. I live in HOT Texas and it must be kept in a fairly cool place as it has a tendency to curdle (most brands do this)

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