Don't Underestimate the Dollar Store!

   By HelloAnnaH  Jun 04, 2014

 I used to walk by the Dollar Tree while running errands and never bothered to look inside.  I always thought it was a place to get cheap candy and knick knacks that would break within a few days.  Boy, was a wrong.

One day during a routine errand run with the kids, I decided to go into Dollar Tree to get balloons for an upcoming party.

$PullQuote$When I walked in, I was in awe - the place was neatly stocked with all sorts of fun goodies!!!!  It was as if we had walked into some magical candy store... and everything was $1.

Now a few years later, there are a list of things I will always buy at the dollar store and never anywhere else.  These things are...

  • party supplies (including table cloths, punch bowls, tongs, cups, etc...
  • Helium balloons
  • gift bags and wrapping paper
  • Hair ties and pins
  • coloring books 
  • TAPE (I get a pack of 8 rolls of tape for $1!!!!!!!)
  • Any and all office supplies 
  • Magic eraser pads (a two pack for $1)
  • most cleaning supplies

Most Dollar Trees differ in the products they carry.  I have quite a few locations around me and I've scouted to see what they each carry.  It's not too predictable since they get different products each shipment.

Awesome finds in the past:

  • Udderly Smooth lotion tubes
  • Clearasil face wash
  • solar lamps
  • Kids Disney wall decals
  • big bags of Ring Pops
  • MANY As Seen of TV items

So next time you see a Dollar Tree, stop in and see what they have to offer!  You may be pleasantly surprised!


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lbjones89 by lbjones89 | PETERSBURG, VA
Jan 25, 2015

they have a lot of stuff thats cheap but has good quality-dollar tree is the only store i buy lotion,deodorant,candy,and vaseline from