Do You Support "Manscaping"?

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 04.01.13
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Most women are fairly well-versed in the personal grooming and hair removal department. Whether shaving, waxing, or zapping women fight to win when getting rid of unwanted body hair. Men on the other hand are newbies to the this particular grooming arena and often rely on us to advise them on where and how they should be trimming.

ABC News reports about “manscaping” and how big companies like Gillette are embracing the trend. Chests, arms, backs, stomachs and even the bikini area are all places more and more women want to see men taming when it comes to body hair. A Gillette online survey found that 40% of women support back shaving, 31% would like men to shave their chests, and 43% of women support groin shaving.

Big name celebs like Kate Upton, Hannah Simone, and Genesis Rodrigues are featured on the new Gillette ads voicing their preference for a well-shaved man. The ads are promoting new razors that can manscape just about any area needed and Gillette even offers detailed how-to videos on their website. During the ad campaign all of the women in the ads will sit down for a live-streaming Q&A where they will answer questions about their preferences when it comes to male grooming and shaving.

What do you think of “manscaping”?

What type of personal grooming habits do you prefer men to take part in?

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  • maneka By maneka

    I definitely support manscaping! I can handle a little hair on a guy but if you are very hairy all I can think about is when you get sweaty and how that gets trapped in your hair. UGH

  • towlemelissa By towlemelissa

    love it !!! looks way way better

  • softballchik24 By softballchik24

    I support manscaping 100%! My husband does this already and I could not imagine the body hair if he did not. I guess he is ahead of the curve though since the article was saying men are new to this concept =)

  • Lisa746 By Lisa746

    I like it better shaved or at least trimmed up. Facial scruff is sexy though. Back hair? Forget it.

  • mbordelon72 By mbordelon72

    My man was manscaping before I came along, he prefers to be and I'm so thankful because that's how I prefer a man, the wooleyboogers can go on as far as I'm concerned!

  • Texmel By Texmel

    I have to admit men look amazing (think Chris Evans in "Captain America") when they've been manscaped.....but I would never ask my hubby to do this. He is the kindest and best husband and so good to me and our kiddo. If he wants to, fine, but I would never want him to feel bad about himself b/c I asked him to do this!

  • faywray By faywray

    No. I don't want my man acting like me! Let him be

  • basilandcatnip By basilandcatnip

    Like it when a man takes care of himself, if he does it right. Our mall has a Beauty Trend event and this year they added a session for men, it was well received. Lot of men in attendance. The men asked some good questions.

  • carlsbadmom By carlsbadmom

    I think manscaping is awesome! It's about time the guys got in the groove and I don't mind assisting my guy, if he needs help :)

  • Noelgopie By Noelgopie

    Okay, if you are a man and you are hairy and what I mean by hairy is: check, back, shoulder etc. please keep walking. Hairy men are very unattractive. Men should diffidently manscape, without giving up your man hood. I would be very disappointed if I seen I guy that was very good looking and then later to find out he looks like a werewolf underneath .... Back hair is the worst!

  • victoria8310 By victoria8310

    I like a little facial hair but it really doesn't matter to me, it just depends on how the guy looks. Some men look good with facial hair and some men don't.

  • wagarific918 By wagarific918

    I like when men are shaved...enhances sensuality

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