DenTek  Triple Clean Floss Picks

DenTek Triple Clean Floss Picks

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Cum remover I love giving blowjobs! I use this after I swallow a load to remove cum trapped between my teeth

Just easier! These are so much easier for me to use instead of regular floss, especially since I have arthritic hands and tremors. They work well, and I like how easy it is to use them and know that your teeth are clean because of them. They're also very convenient and can be easily hidden for whatever reason!

Unbreakable This is the ONLY flossy that doesn?t break when I use the, on my tight teeth. Thank God! This the only brand I use for flossing. All the rest break. Seriously.

Good for kids I buy these for my kids teeth because regular floss is hard to use. They are quick to use, so my kids are more likely to floss. These seem to do the job well because they haven't had any cavities in a long time.

Easy flossers I love these flossers so much easier than the old fashioned kind gets you super clean great alternative to other brands lasts forever no complaints here

These are so convenient to have in purse to get that food off your teeth

I really like this product. Less mess than floss and easy to use.

I love these, I carry them around in my purse and I use them after every meal and even when I have a sore tooth they help to ease the pain just from using one.

I prefer this over tradition string floss. the picks help me reach all areas. LOVE this product!

Way easier and more convenient than regular dental floss. And feels like a good price for how many you're getting.

This product is so much easier than regular dental floss. I feel like it really cleans in between my teeth.

they are effective and economical. a better alternative to regular floss but not my favorite brand.

Very easy to use and convenient. Sturdy yet flexible and a great value

I love these to floss. My husband didn't like them at first but now he can't live without.

These will floss your teeth but are kind of flimsy. I much prefer the Plackers brand. They work better than regular floss, but they aren't the best dental picks out there.