Dash Mini Waffle Maker

Dash Mini Waffle Maker

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Best mini waffle maker! So easy to use and doesn't take up lots of space when storing. Plus it's cute! Here's a full demo video I did on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/vdp/08465328619c4f9f8fb35eb7e5ef5844?ref=cm_sw_em_r_vlp_dt_xy0g2RdvXmweR

Masters the job!! Great for extended stays at hotels, as well as in dorm rooms... Quick,clean, and easy to stash!!

Perfect size Makes the perfect sized waffles for the whole family! Also a great multifunction tool imo as you can cook eggs, sausage, grilled cheese etc

Great for Waffling I purchased this to make the gluten free smaller waffles, as well as waffling other items, for example macaroni and cheese for topping a burger. The plates are not removable, but they are no-stick. I have not had issues with sticking at all with the gluten free flours.

Great single serving product I have this and the egg maker, i do use the egg maker more but the waffle one is good for a small quick breakfast. Its not intended to make a whole breakfast for a family, really just for single servings. Very easy to clean, use oil to maintain.

Good waffle maker This mini waffle maker is great for making quick waffles from scratch, they come out very good, you don't need to put a lot of batter into the waffle maker.

Great for quick waffles for 1-2 people but not for a family of 4. It's easy to use and the bottom of waffles are nicely cooked however, the top of the waffles are either burnt or still a bit raw. Can't crack an egg on it since it leaks out but that's not the intended purpose of this waffle maker. However, my savory oatmeal waffles still come out cripsy and delicious.

Great little tool This is perfect for quick and easy waffles. I've also made yummy keto snacks in here with cheese and pepperoni.

Cute, but not useful For me these are cute but not really useful. Takes a long time to make a full batch of waffles. Fun for the kids, but not an everyday gadget.

Great I Love It This is so great to have! Makes perfect size waffles. For a quick breakfast or snack. I love it!

So tasty I love my dash mini when I want a snack and not an entire meal!!

Works great I bought this a few years ago when "chaffles" were really popular with keto people. I love this thing because if I'm making waffles, I usually only make one for myself and one for my son so it gives me the perfect portion. It's super easy to use, clean, and store! The Dash brand is super reliable and great quality.


Yummy Mini Waffles I just started using my mini waffle maker and I really like it. I love that it doesn't take long at all to cook and mine came out golden brown Just use whatever waffle mix you want, I use my favorite box mix and they turn out yummy...

Not just for waffles!!!! Let me tell you! This is a favorite gadget in this house! Perfect for having a waffle bar (lay out all kinds of small bowls of fruit and goodies to top them with). Here is the best part! It's not just for waffles!!!! We cook up balls of cookie dough, cut up pieces of cinnamon roll dough, and even (my favorite) leftover mashed potatoes with shredded cheese in them! So good!