Crunchy Tostada Melts


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  • Prep Time:
    15 Mins
  • Cook Time:
    20 Mins
  • Total Prep + Cook Time:
    35 Mins
  • Level:
Crunchy Tostada Melts

Makes: 18 Tostadas

Description: A baked tostada shell filled with gooey melted cheese, salsa, onions, and garlic is a great way to spice up your party! My friends devour these and never even know they're healthier than most party fare! so tasty you don't even miss the calories!

1 Jar  Your favorite salsa
1 small  onion, diced
4 cloves  garlic, minced
1 package  cheddar cheese
1 package  corn tortillas, 36 count
1/4 cup  spice mixture (see recipe below)

Instructions: Spread corn tortillas out on 2 baking sheets. 6 tortillas per sheet. Spray both sides of the tortilla with cooking spray and bake at 400 degrees until crispy yet still a little chewy (about 10 minutes). Repeat until all tortillas have been baked. Spray both sides of tortillas with cooking spray and sprinkle with spice mixture (garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, cumin, and salt). Mix salsa with onions and garlic. spread half the tortillas with this mixture. Sprinkle cheese on top. Top with remaining tortilla shells and bake until cheese is melted and gooey, another 10 minutes. serve warm. Garnish with sour cream, avocado, and other taco toppings if desired.

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