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  • Ravenxo By  Ravenxo    

    My FAVORITE eye liner. Lasts all day. Looks great when applied. Easy to get the look your going for with fineness of applicator brush. Fault. Brush gets frayed.

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  • magick83 By  magick83    

    I love this product i would recomand this to anyone who is a begainer so please try it

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  • J3SS123 By  J3SS123    

    i am definitely not a fan , but it seems to work wonders on my 16 year old daughter , it tends to dry out pretty quickly .

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  • LauritaAlways By  LauritaAlways    

    This was a great eyeliner for a beginner in beauty world! Haha! I was one. I purchased this item with my own money for the first time and I was so glad I did. I always wanted to learn how to apply eye liner to my lash lines. This eyeliner did not have a flimsy tip instead it had a sturdy marker-like tip and it was so easy to glide across my lash lines with no skidding. It sometimes come off if you accidentally rub your eyes or if you cry. Haha at least it was a great liner for a beginner! I definitely recommend to a person who wants to learn how to do cat eyes but don't know how to use a eye liner, try this item. You won't regret it. I promise!

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  • Jenny0388 By  Jenny0388    

    I did not really favor this eyeliner I thought it was way too easy to come off. I would of liked it better if it was waterproof.

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  • mandeecstasy By  mandeecstasy    

    I'd say that if you are a beginner this would be a nice eyeliner to try out. It worked great for me, but dried out after a while.

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  • verenap By  verenap    

    i don 't necessarily like the brush, also the ink runs out very easily and I have to flip it over all the time but it does the job.

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  • Lilo86 By  Lilo86    

    covergirl eye liquid very last all day.its make thicker line. dont like that much my eyes smudge alot. I wont use again Its not for me.

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  • Taylerbootz By  Taylerbootz    

    I actually really like this eyeliner. It's not waterproof and can smudge off, but it's easy to apply and great for those new to liquid liners. Just remember to shake it between eyes to re-wet the tip. It's a decent black and it does stay pretty well for the most part.

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  • beenlovinmusic4ever By  beenlovinmusic4ever    

    this is a great product with smooth aplication! go buy it!

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  • umana22 By  umana22    

    This liner wasn't really a go to liner. the tip is not exacty as thin as I would of liked it to be but overall it was a mess free applicator.

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  • sipho54 By  sipho54    

    My daughter is very pleased with this type of liner

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  • ferretkitties By  ferretkitties    

    I like just about everything from Cover Girl that I've bought. However, I am not so much a liquid liner type of girl.

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  • Rocki23 By  Rocki23    

    This wasnt the best liner I have ever tried! I felt like I was using an old Sharpie! It worked when you wore it alone, but if you wanted to use it with eye shadow did was horrible. If your wanted to use it to make thicker lines, or share with friends, the ink would run out and I would have to sit it upside down for an hour or two! I wouldnt purchase it again!

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  • divashop By  divashop    

    I like this liner & that's saying a lot since I usually stink at liquid liner application!

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