CoverGirl  LineExact Liquid Eyeliner

CoverGirl LineExact Liquid Eyeliner

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I loved this product it comes really handy when you are in a hurry, because the tip of this liner makes it more simpler and faster to apply to your eyelid and gives you the choice to have a thin line or thick, unlike other liners.

My FAVORITE eye liner. Lasts all day. Looks great when applied. Easy to get the look your going for with fineness of applicator brush. Fault. Brush gets frayed.

I love this product i would recomand this to anyone who is a begainer so please try it

This was a great eyeliner for a beginner in beauty world! Haha! I was one. I purchased this item with my own money for the first time and I was so glad I did. I always wanted to learn how to apply eye liner to my lash lines. This eyeliner did not have a flimsy tip instead it had a sturdy marker-like tip and it was so easy to glide across my lash lines with no skidding. It sometimes come off if you accidentally rub your eyes or if you cry. Haha at least it was a great liner for a beginner! I definitely recommend to a person who wants to learn how to do cat eyes but don't know how to use a eye liner, try this item. You won't regret it. I promise!

this is a great product with smooth aplication! go buy it!

My daughter is very pleased with this type of liner

I totally bought this the other day. I usually buy almay liquid eyeliner, but the handle ends up broken after awhile... no good! this one is super easy to apply, fits anywhere, and is sturdy enough to handle my diaper bag/purse anytime! lol! i love it

I love this liner! I couldn't find the L'Oreal brand I normally buy in the right color so I tried this one. It is by far the easiest and best eye liner I've tried. I hate those pencils so I use liquid liners and this one is so easy. It's a little pen and it's great. It's even easy to correct mistakes if you do it before it's dry. I will not switch back to my old liner!

The pens are awesome, once you use the pen you won't want to use anything else.

i bought this liquid liner it's the best thing in the world it does wonders when you apply it. I use it all the time!

the best eyeliner ever !!!

Ive tried this and I really liked it alot! I told my mom about it and now she buys it on a regular..It last about 2weeks tho..thats because if the tip gets dried out its really no good..but overall it is a really good product...the color comes out so bold and strong..we use the black one and its REALLY dark and dries fast! so yea I would recommend this to others.

This is a great product. It depends on if you like liquid eyeliner

I heard that it is great.

i have used this liner before; it is, BY FAR the best out there. its on all day, and you dont have to worry about making a mistake. RECOMMEND IT!!