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  • Loepsie By  Loepsie    

    If you can find these in the time of Covid, you're very lucky! I purchased several big colorful six packs to have at home before the outbreak! I always use them. They are great at wiping down any surface. I keep them in my car, bathroom, kitchen, laundry room and shed. I also have a flat pack in my purse, carryon and luggage! They are the best when traveling.

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  • W1sc0ns1nm0m By  W1sc0ns1nm0m    

    Great for vehicles!

    I keep a container of Clorox wipes in each vehicle! These are great to use on the dash, doors, leather seats, and console! Smells good too!

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  • sheann By  sheann    

    I love this wipes. I use them to clean everything, the bathroom, kitchen, inside the car etc...

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  • Heather1980 By  Heather1980    

    LOVE this product

    I carry these with me everywhere. My husband is a football coach and I got these for the weight room and coaches offices. They have helped so much with keeping the place clean. I know feel like I can go in and not worry about if it is clean. If it can clean up after football players it can clean your everyday messes.

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  • fmd518 By  fmd518    

    Great Product

    Clorox Disinfecting Wipes are one of the best on the market. Love the scent and works great.

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  • JuliaPspq By  JuliaPspq    

    Best wipes ever

    I really love this product. I always clean my chicken countertop with these wipes. OMG they are life saving. The best part about it, is that it is easy to use and affordable. I truly recommend it.

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  • Peachesncream887 By  Peachesncream887    

    These are my favorite brand of wipes. They smell good for a cleaning product and they wipe up messes well without ripping.

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    


    I use these all the time to wipe down everything from doorknobs, the sinks, counters, and more. The clothes hold up well and there is enough product to get the whole area clean.

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  • hezan1 By  hezan1    

    Love this stuff

    Love this stuff. I have a puppy that refuses to potty train, so we go through at least a canister a week cleaning up Oopsies.

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  • 20manderz08 By  20manderz08    

    Great Product for fast and efficient use

    i love these wipes, this really helps cleaning become fast and efficient. My family always has these on hand year round

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  • davisjodie By  davisjodie    

    easy to use; unknown how effective it is but it psychologically makes me feel better using it!

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  • Mybrandnewlife By  Mybrandnewlife    

    Clorox Wipes

    for all of your sanitizing needs this works great during the Corona Viruas

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  • sammie01 By  sammie01    

    I seriously use these wipes all the time!! I have a two year old son. I love the ways these smell too!

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  • Mustain69 By  Mustain69    

    Good overall

    I like the lemon scented wipes but the residue left behind makes me not like using them much. It does help me feel like I get a good wipe down on my kitchen cabinets though.

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  • Nicoleslayer By  Nicoleslayer    

    Didn't like this product

    I really don't like these wipes. They leave slimy sticky residue on your hands after using. Plus the smell of chemicals is strong. I prefer using natural cleaners instead of these products. I use vinegar, dawn dish soap and baking soda or Thieves spray it's my favorite for a all purpose cleaner because it smells so good and a good sanitizer. I use the dawn/vinegar/baking soda for tougher messes like the toilet ect. But if you don't mind washing your hands and what you just cleaned or chemicals then you may like this. I don't see the point of using these when it says to wash after. To me that kinda defeats the purpose.

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