Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

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I am hooked on these cleaning wipes! I have 2 small children and I use them all over the house! They are great for small jobs or large jobs and they keep our house germ free! Well, for the most part.

Very handy. I use them all of the time. Great to have when I cleaning the kitchen after my husband cooks a meal. I also love them for wiping down the kitchen trash can.

I have them in my bathroom both down stairs and up stairs. So each to use and they clean great!!!!!

Great product. Good for quick clean-ups. Also wonderful for teachers to use in the classroom. Makes it easier to keep desks & common places sanitized.

Love these! I usually find them on sale, and when I do I stack with coupons and get them for a great price.

I love these! I'm a clean freak to begin with, but one that lives for convenience. This combines both worlds into one easy-to-work-with wipe. All college students, moms, and cleaning-lovers NEED a container of these in the bathroom/kid's room/kitchen/wherever. I get mine in bulk from BJ's (I'm sure Sam's and Costco sellings multi-packs as well). Each pack comes with 3 containers and sells for an outrageously cheap price. Rec-ed!

I hand one to each of my last period students to clean their desks. Cleans off the pencil marks, the fingerprints, and especially the germs!

These things are a must have!! I use them to do quick cleanup after prepping meats in the kitchen as well as to freshen up the bathroom in between cleanings!

I love these wipes I keep a can in almost every room.The kids use them to wipe their computer keyboards.I use them daily for the bathroom and kitchen countertops.I just wish the came in more scents.

I love them.... they are handy, smell great, and very helpul...I always buy the big 3 containers at sam's club.... can't live without them.

These wipes are so handy. They clean up very well and are not to pricey!

These wipes can clean ANYTHING!

I love these wipes. I keep these in both the kitchen and bathroom for easy cleaning throughout the day. I even keep some on my desk at work. I usually get them when there is a BOGO sale.

easy to use and i like it to wipe down my restrooms.

The first thing I pull out when I'm cleaning the house. So easy to wipe down the surfaces with it and the smell it leaves is great! Perfect for the kitchen and bathroom!