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  • jmorris2 By  jmorris2    

    Give it a try you wont be sorry

    This is a wonderful product and works very well. Love it

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  • Bnkninja By  Bnkninja    

    Loved this :))

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  • mercedesbunton By  mercedesbunton    

    I'm willing to give this product a try

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  • jamiedunec By  jamiedunec    

    Very good but leaves my skin blotchy and dry afterward.

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  • punka_rudy15 By  punka_rudy15    

    I hate this product it makes my face peel and it makes it super dry !

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  • lbreder By  lbreder    

    This is very good at removing make up! I have sensitive skin and it doesn't break me out.

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  • cddmom By  cddmom    

    I like this, but prefer the Neutrogena

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  • Janee13 By  Janee13    

    Love it, it's what I use to remove my makeup everytime.

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  • ncdebbieb By  ncdebbieb    

    Think I'm gonna give this product a try!! Sounds great

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  • mini08 By  mini08    

    I would love to try this product!

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  • Lina20 By  Lina20    

    I have been looking for a good makeup remover so i am going to try this

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  • SunshineLu By  SunshineLu    

    I love this stuff. It works very well the first time!

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  • littlemommashome By  littlemommashome    

    I love this product, it really comes through when you need it.

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  • nipplina By  nipplina    

    I usually use the the make up wipes but since you ladies speak so highly of this product I must try it.

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  • wonder92 By  wonder92    

    I received a free sample of this from another site and the bottle lasts FOREVER. its amazing. i think i might buy another lol

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