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  • Queeniefreebie By  Queeniefreebie    

    Good Cheesy Snack

    Good and natural product. My whole family loves them but my kids demolish them in an instant. A little on the pricey side but definitely a good buy. Cheesy flavor but not like the regular Cheetos. If you are looking for something delicious and tasty for a snack; looking for something that is free of all the extra stuff in your snacks then this is the one for you. I almost ate the whole bag today!

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  • Sa60237 By  Sa60237    

    These are incredible. We cant get enough of them. We usually end up going through the bag in one sitting, They are so good its hard to put them down. We love all things Cheetos but these are by far best tasting Cheetos that we have ever tried!

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  • jesshenges By  jesshenges    

    Simply Cheetos

    This snack is a family favorite in our house! My husband, kids and I all enjoy these. Great flavor!

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  • Coffeelady By  Coffeelady    

    Delicious GF Treat

    These cheetos are super delicious and Gluten free! It is sometimes difficult to check both of those boxes.

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  • mamaofgals By  mamaofgals    

    Best tasting Cheetos! I love the flavor of the white cheddar and the crunch of the Cheetos. It's a winning combination!

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  • kyrstens By  kyrstens    

    crunchy deliciousness

    these have a nice crunch and very tasty. i love white cheddar and these do not disappoint. it?s hard to put the bag down.

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  • michelemj By  michelemj    

    Love all natural, yummy snacks!

    These are so good! I eat too many at once! 😋

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  • Gina679 By  Gina679    

    Great New Snack Food

    These are incredible. We usually go through the bag in one sitting. They are hard to find in stores because they are out of stock. When we are able to find them it is a real treat. They are gluten free & contain natural flavors.

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