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The website is esthetically appealing and easy to use. I would like to see a slightly larger font size however. The site should also have more interactive features that mirror some of the exercises in the sample set.

I like the Cerra website. I think it offers very good tips to relax and relief your everyday life stress. Its a very simple but well executed concept. I think its a little pricey and really can't find too much use for it but I would recommend it to those that may.

I really didn't use the site much because I guess I don't think I need to "reflect" and "take a moment" in my day. My "moment" is web surfing or checking facebook. It's a good idea though!

really think this wed site is nice and i like the look and lay out but, its just not for me, i amd not really in to meditation and stuff, so its not the kind of think i woujld go to. but i would think it would be a quality think for my loved ones who are in to that, including my best friend i think she would really injoy the meditation thing on the site, and my aunt as well, i would deffinltly tell them about it, and that i think it seem good

I like the idea of the cerra website where you can learn more about yourself and learn to de stress. It is disappointing to find that the products to enhance your journey are very high priced. I would like to treat myself more often and learn how to have more "me time", instead of focusing on my family too much. This program can help you do that. It's too bad that the items are so pricey, it kind of defeats the purpose of learning to pamper yourself/enjoy more "me" time when you feel you would be spending too much money on just yourself.

The cerra concept is a good way to explore yourself and make the most of "me time" The products enhance your ability to relax and find yourself. I like the idea of having an online discussion board and tools to make the most of your experience free of charge. I would have given the concept 5 stars, but the products are rather pricey for what you receive.

The overall site was little boring to me. I did really like the dissolving notes, gave some to my teenage daughter, but the prices on the site are pricey. I'm not a believer that you can just "take me time" and all is grand. The scent of the lotion and oil smelled like those wet cloths you get at a restaurant.

I really enjoyed the website, & have visited it frequently to read the discussions in the community, as well as do the "moments". This site incorporates so many of the things that I enjoy---if I would just allow myself to relax & take more "me" time. I find the site very relaxing & inviting, and it truly does help me unwind. I'll continue to visit Cerra & I have recommended it to others. It's a great way to try to balance my mind & body, and learn to make time for me.


I received my sampler kit from Cerra and SheSpeaks a couple of weeks ago. I was certainly not instantly impressed with the website. The music on the site was more irritating than calming. The sample products I received were "okay," at best. The lotion smelled good and everything was nicely packaged, but that is where the good ended. I see the need for a site like this and I know that people need "me time," but this just did not work for me. I would rather spend $40 on a babysitter for a few hours of peace and quiet, than to spend $40 on a candle and tea.

Love the concept, love the site..simple as that. I think the journel concept is great. reflection is necessary and healing. I think they need to revamp some products to a more all naturally based organic line but other then that the concept and scents are great. I love it! I am greateful to have been chosen for the Cerra.com Program.

I actually found this kit, along with the website and its content a little too "new agey" for my taste. Nearly everything went in the recycle bin.

I have enjoyed the Cerra web site. I often don't take time for myself to just have a moment, so going to the Cerra web site forced me to slow down and take a deep breath. The web site is attractive with neutral, calming colors and I love the whole premise behind Cerra.

This is a five star site. I see a lot of shopping on their site for work and home in my future. It is great to have extra ideas and ways to refocus. I recieved a generous sample kit from them in the mail. My daughter loved the lotion and I like the sensory oil. I think that the exercise's are vey helpful. With so many stressors in life it is nice to make some me time.

I really enjoyed the program Kit. I am using them all the time :D It's nice to be able to take some Me Time and have the proper tools to do so!!