Celeste Stein, Couture Tights

   By DailyGrommet  Apr 20, 2011


When Celeste Stein first imagined tights with graphics as vibrant and bold as the patterns on men’s ties, people told her it couldn’t be done. Fortunately, Celeste doesn’t take no for an answer. She kept hunting until she found a way to apply rich, saturated patterns to hosiery. The effect is like a tattoo -- but without the long-term commitment.

We heard about Celeste’s tights and leggings from design and style consultant Lisa Kerr, who says women of all ages stop and ask about these tights whenever she wears them. It’s no wonder. The fun patterns add an irresistible burst of color to your legs. You can jazz up a tunic or little black dress with flirty florals, or show off a band of color between the top of your boots and hemline.

Celeste’s daughters help run the family business. Their designs come to life at the company’s sublimation printing facility in Galveston, Texas, where each pair of tights and leggings is made to order. What’s your favorite flavor?

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sweetmomma by sweetmomma | South Lake Tahoe, CA
May 04, 2011

I think these are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would totally rock these.

msfriendly by msfriendly | MONROE, WI
Apr 27, 2011

I think if you have the right fashion sense, these would be really cute....on the right body!

kimvoloshin by kimvoloshin | PALMER TWP, PA
Apr 22, 2011

For godsake, this is ugly. And mostly used by women who have to thick legs as it is, emphasizing them like this does not make them look slimmer on the contrary. It is a fashion faux pas.

LifebyCynthia by LifebyCynthia | SAN DIEGO, CA
Apr 20, 2011

I agree with basilandcatnip - these look Fun. I've been super conservative in my 39 years of life - but maybe it's time to jazz things up. I've got tons of lbd's and could use some reviving. My fave is the blue/teal pattern.

basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Apr 20, 2011

Fun. I'd wear these to the gym. It'd be neat if they came in sleeves for the arms.