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  • sophiamarieg By  sophiamarieg    

    I like this product but it is on the expensive side.

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  • shemica By  shemica    

    I want , to try this

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  • Southerngirl409 By  Southerngirl409    

    Im really intrested in using this product especially since I'v decided to go natural. Iv heard it works great, it's a little pricey but I guess it's worth it if I want healthy hair.

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  • drewzmom By  drewzmom    

    Our whole family uses this product. My hair is relaxed and colored and it gives just enough moisture and shine without giving a heavy product coating. A little goes a long way and I think we got our money's worth

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  • melsplace By  melsplace    

    This is a very nice product as most of Carol's Daughter Items are I have short natural hair and enjoy use of products that are not greasy as it pours down into your skin, this gives my hair the added glow. Sometimes you have to pay a bit more for something you really like. Right! Thanks Have a wonderful week...

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  • rihannah By  rihannah    

    Well, at first I thought the scent was too strong but over time I love the scent. Its a little pricey than your average drug store product but it does not contain mineral oil; which is fantastic for curly hair chicks. But this product can be used on relaxed or natural hair, or any hair type. It also supplys amaing shine all day but don't use to much.

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