Candy Corn Martini


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    3 Hrs
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    3 Hrs
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Candy Corn Martini

Makes: 1 drink

Description: To make this delectable looking cocktail ? you need to first infuse your vodka with candy corn. Don?t worry! It?s easy and only takes a little bit of time. Check out that article at http:/ Already have that figured out? You?re ahead of the game then! The Candy Corn martini looks as good as it tastes, I promise, and all your guests will feel the same way. After you have infused your vodka, you already more than halfway there. All you need to do now is follow the simple instructions below, and you are on your way to the perfect halloween party cocktail.

1 part  Candy corn infused vodka
2 Parts  Pineapple Juice
optional  Candy Corn for Garnish

Instructions: I say ?part? because this can also be made into a delicious punch as well. For the recipe for the photo above use 1oz candy corn vodka and 2oz of pineapple juice. Throw those ingredients into a mixer and strain into a martini glass. Drop a couple pieces of candy corn in the bottom of the glass for a great garnish. If you are making the punch ( a great idea for your party) Add a 1/2 quart of orange sorbet to the mix. Happy Halloween!

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  • Author image By cindywho70
    Jul 29, 2016   Edit

    Looks and sounds YUMMY !!!!!!!

  • Author image By Carrabbia412
    Mar 05, 2016   Edit

    Love it !!!!! 😍😍

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