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  • CaliStefanie By  CaliStefanie    

    Funny and binge-worthy!

    Great show with lots of hilarious sarcasm! This is a show that's fun to watch, have playing in the background, and is easily binge-worthy. The various characters are ones both couples and singles can relate to.

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  • Goof-Ball By  Goof-Ball    

    Mostly a great show

    I really liked this show when it started. There were some unpredictable turns, and somethings were just plan dumb. Like most people, I didn't care for the ending.

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    Overall this is a decent watch. Not a fan of the later seasons but I wouldn't skip them.

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  • MSLaub By  MSLaub    

    Relatable and hilarious!

    Real life, relatable and full of laughs! A friend told me about this show and I typically don?t watch much tv. Well, one episode of this and I was hooked!! I?ve watched this entire series at least three times and I still laugh hysterically, every single time!

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  • Girlfan1986 By  Girlfan1986    

    Tons of laughs

    This show is Uber funny unique it's well written for sure Everytime I watch it I want more it would be a good just because present for the comedy lover I'd recommend this to fans of 2 broke girls

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  • heathernewman By  heathernewman    


    YAS this show kicks a$$! If you haven't watched it you need to! It is about a dad telling his kids how he met their mother... Goes through all sorts of girlfriends and weird situations that will make you laugh! HELL YA WATCH THIS!

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  • Bs252608 By  Bs252608    

    Suit UP

    Its like Friends of the 2000s. They have an awesome apartment in the city above a bar, they have awesome adventures and also they are awesome friends. I use that word a lot because so do they! Suit Up became apart of the American Dialogue and everyone has seen this show. It will always make you laugh and feel slightly better about your life.

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  • kirstenac By  kirstenac    


    My husband is to thank for becoming a fan of this show! It's so funny, lessons learned, relate able, and did I say funny?! The only downfall I though was the later seasons when the show was practically all about Robin and Barney, I wasn't thrilled with that. It seemed to drawn out.

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  • BreezyFbaby By  BreezyFbaby    

    Bring it back

    Classic. I will always love this show. I wish it never ended.

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  • halomom24 By  halomom24    


    HI MM is a godsend of.a show. Whenever I am in a bad or horrible mood, I simply watch that and by the end of any given episode, my mood is great.

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  • poohbear10219 By  poohbear10219    

    Love How I Met Your Mother! This one show I can watch and laugh during every episode!

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  • MeganM25 By  MeganM25    

    I love How I met your mother!! Neil Patrick Harris is by far my favorite in this tv show, Barney is super entertaining and a little inappropriate but that's what makes this show so great. It's a show about a group of friends who know how to have a great time, every episode is guaranteed to make you laugh.

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  • sammyh By  sammyh    

    HIMYM IS LIFE! I recommend everyone get Netflix and binge watch this show if they haven't seen it! Neil Patrick Harris is hilarious

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  • Meyghan By  Meyghan    

    This show is hilarious and is one of my favorites. It seems like every episode has an amazing lesson and its appropriate for a variety of ages which is pretty rare for comedy TV shows these days.

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  • Setea1959 By  Setea1959    

    Loved this show. The chemistry between the actors was wonderful and their comedic timing was perfect!

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