Brita  Riviera Water Filter Pitcher

Brita Riviera Water Filter Pitcher

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I think this does a good job at filtering water however it does take a long time so be sure to fill it ahead of time before a meal or whenever you need clean water.

Our city water is horrible right now so I got one of these to use and I love it. I love how easy it is to use and how great the water tastes after using it. Definitely effective and efficient

Very handy and easy to use. The only downfall I see is the price of the filters.

No complaints; this is a great product. Be sure to change out the filter when necessary, but I think this product is great.

YES! YES! YEA! I love this product. Not that expensive either if you go to Target or your Walmart. Refills are easy to find. Water tastes great - and you can taste a difference. I also like that this product branched out and now has individual go-cups for working out!

i don't have to worry when my family drinks water because i know it is clean and healthier

When I owned my first home I had to do some serious renovating on it. It was a definite fixer-upper and I wasn't too confident on the quality of the well water there. I got one of these and kept it constantly full in the fridge. The water was always chilled and delicious. It was such a good investment too - one of these was worth so much more than buying countless bottles of water! The filters seemed a bit pricey at first, but after I realized how long they lasted me and how much water I was drinking, it really came down to costing just about nothing at all - especially compared to how much I would have spent if I'd been paying for bottled water or even jugs of water that whole time!

I don't know how I ever lived without my Brita pitcher...wasting money buying jugs and bottles of water, when i could have been using Brita pitcher all along! The money spent for the pitcher and filters way surpasses what is spent on weekly jubs/ gallons of water.

Definitely a staple in my kitchen and house

We use this product at the office. We have an older building with older pipes and feel better using the pitcher to filter our drinking water. It gets quite a work out. Very nice product.

I love this Brita filter pitcher. I bought this when last year when I found out I was pregnant. I wanted my family to be healthy as well. You do have to replace the filter which is fairly inexpensive at Walmart. It is a great investment. My family can easily get it out of the refrigerator and pour a glass of filtered water. Sometimes the lid slides off.

Couldn't live without my Brita Water filter pitcher. The cost to replace the filters is nothing compared to what I would spend on bottled water. Not to mention how much more environmentally friendly it is :0)

I love this filter. I fill it up numerous times a day. We useto drink bottled water. I even filter the dog's water. I like that you can buy up to 6 filters at a time, for a fairly resonable price. I also like that it tells you when the filter needs to be changed. Great Product!

I love my Brita filter pitcher. We were previously going through a case of bottled water each week and using and 2.5 gallon jug every week and a half to two weeks. We haven't had to buy jugged or bottled water since we purchased the Brita filter. It greatly improves the flavor of our water and we find ourselves drinking almost twice as much water each day now because we aren't worried about the bottle recycling and cost. We have only had our Brita pitcher for about 3.5 weeks so we haven't needed to replace the filter yet but our local Wal Mart has a 4 pack for $11.97.

I love this Filter ,the water taste finally good and its not expensive at all to me.Its cheaper and better then carrying all the big gallons of water. we pay 20 dollar for 3 filter and one filter last us 4 weeks.Not bad at all.