Blue Sky Epic

Blue Sky Epic

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In this day and age, it's difficult to be original Often, we hate on movies because we fail to comprehend the time put into them, even in the "lowest" of quality movies. In this day and age, it's difficult to be original in our story and characters. However, this story has a level of originality, and it's characters are appealing. There's a reason why we see a rebelling young adult and love to see them grow; because it's realistic and hits most of us. For an animated movie, it's funny and a great family movie option. Even as an adult, I watch this movie from time to time.

He loves it! Our son loves this movie! Especially the slow motion part, it cracks him up every time.

Love em Wonderful little cartoon my nieces and nephews loved it.

epic fail I found this movie very boring. Loved all the color in it

Good watch What an entertaining animated movie that our whole family enjoyed.

Extremely entertaining movie for the whole family! Loved it!


I thought this movie was very cute. My family really enjoyed it, we watch it frequently.

I liked this movie. It ws fun to watch with the kids. I also feel that the graphics in it are outstanding.

I loved this movie but I wouldn't watch it again. It's a great movie for children. The visuals were beautiful, the characters different, and the story-line unique.

I am going to be different in my reviews of this movie. Not for the sake of being different, which I have been known to do from time to time. But, rather, my family enjoys this movie. It isn't too much different than the classic, Fern Gully, but it does have it's own characteristics that set it apart. My children have watched this movie several times, and still continue to ask for it over and over again. I only give it a 4 star because of the lack of orginiality from Fern Gully. I realize it's hard to come up with a new concept in the movie business, but still think an effort should be made. Regardless, this movie is cute, and makes it into our movie rotation quite frequently.

It was a good movie but it didn't keep my son's interest.

It was ok. We enjoyed it, but I wish we had just rented it instead of buying it. I don't see us watching it again.

Cute movie, good for a one time watch, but I wouldn't buy it.

It was an entertaining animated movie about little people who lived in the forest and had to battle bad grub like creatures all the while a big person is trying to find them and has spent most of his life doing so at the cost of his family. It was slow and very predictable at times which started to cause the kids to lose interest. They were glad to watch the movie but we had no interest in purchasing the movie to watch again.