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  • LarryBug By  LarryBug    

    Blistex is the Best

    Blistex is my go-to lip balm. It's the best over other brands.

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  • jessbc By  jessbc    

    this balm really does the trick!

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  • kj2012 By  kj2012    

    I am always looking for that perfect lip balm that truly soothes and moisturizes. I think I may have found the one. This goes on well, keeps my lips moisturized, lasts a long time, and continues to make my lips feel soft and moisturized even when it has worn off (which it does not do quickly). Not to mention, it tastes wonderful - kind of a citrusy flavor/scent. This particular product is meant for if you are congested and breathing a lot from your mouth, but it seems appropriate for general use. It is labelled as an external analgesic/lip protectant.

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