Biotene Dry Mouth Antibacterial Toothpaste Gel

Biotene Dry Mouth Antibacterial Toothpaste Gel

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Pearly Whites Perfection! Inflammation drives me crazy an puts a hamper in my day. I've tried all the "natural" products, but only the Biotene brand has proven effective. Biotene toothpaste maintains the necessary amount of moisture, without drying and no bitter after taste.

I was on a medication a while ago that gave me "cotton mouth" and tried this shampoo, along with the mouthwash. It worked wonderfully! I keep some on hand and use it periodically.

I was taking a perscription medication a while back for a narly sinus infection that I cound never seem to fully kick. The meds worked, finally, but I had some nasty dry mouth and a horrible taste in my mouth. I also had just started an acting class and was very self conscious about my breath when performing a scene with my acting partner. My mom told me about Biotene and I decided I'd give it a try. Not only did the toothpaste help tremendously, in the same aisle, I found Biotene gum. Between the toothpaste usage at home and the gum on the go, I no longer had to worry! Great line of products!

This is a very good product for cancer patients that have dry mouth.

Somtimes my mouth get so dry that brushing can be painful. I cough and choke. This product has become a miracle for both me and my elderly mother, who also has a dry mouth. Like other toothpastes, it has fluoride. It soothes your mouth. Brushing your teeth becomes a pleasant experience. Their claims of a "low foaming formula," are true. I have found that I cannot do without it.