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  • Wendy924 By  Wendy924    

    The BH&G wax warmer is awesome. The wax tarts are reasonably priced, smell amazing & there are many scents to choose from. I use my burner daily!

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  • sonya_mind1967 By  sonya_mind1967    

    I love this. It is very affordable and the smells are wonderful. They also last way longer than plug-ins

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    Love these - way cheaper than scentsy and a great product!

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    Having never owned a Scentsy, I don't know what I'm "missing out on" but I do have to say that I am completely happy with my BH&G warmer. The scents are great and the warmer itself is cute and functional!

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  • jassyrenea By  jassyrenea    

    I bought one of these warmers a few months back, only one size smaller and I can't like without one now. I have a few through out our apartment to get rid of the "apartment" smell that never seems to go away. I have a huge collection of differs scents of the tarts. They last so long in these warmers. I actually bought this in order to save money on the hundreds of candles I buy every year and I am definatly saving money.

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  • ShaynaNabinger By  ShaynaNabinger    

    I love these warmers! They have so many designs so they look great anywhere.

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  • drgnfly2010 By  drgnfly2010    

    i got mine at walmart and it works just as good as scentsy. all u need is one to smell up your entire house.

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  • metbn8421 By  metbn8421    

    Great for wax tarts and melts.

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  • Sjbutterfie By  Sjbutterfie    

    I paid about $15 at Walmart for a wax warmer like this, but a different color. I know Scentsy is the big thing right now, but if you can't afford it then this is a cheaper alternative because these are pretty huge and hold a lot of wax tarts. Better home & garden also carries wax tarts at Walmart for $2 each which is a steal. They smell wonderful and do make your entire house smell which I like. I'm so glad I bought this .. I also gave my Mom one I bought because I thought I needed two for my home, but nope just needed one.

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