Better Homes & Garden Wax Melts

Better Homes & Garden Wax Melts

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Don't waste your monies I'd give half a star if possible - you're better off making your own with coconut oil & kitchen spices

BH&G wax melts are a great buy. They are just as good as the pricier brands. There is a huge variety of scents to choose from. I poor the melted wax back into the original container when I turn my burner off as this seems to insure the scent remains strong.

I love these! I have a ton of them that I use everyday! This is my favorite brand of scents.

For the price, you can't go wrong with these. They have a huge selection of scents and they are just as good as the other brands of wax melts in my opinion.

Bought the baked apple scented one and it smelled good but didn't last long at all. Maybe three days and the scent wasn't as strong, then it was completely gone.

I am not a fan of Better Homes and Gardens wax melts because I don't think the scent is as good as Glade or Febreze, but I bought The Pumpkin Spice one because it was on sale. It is glorious!!!! The smell just fills my house with a delightful spicy pumpkin scent that I just love.

The smells made me want to gag. Overwhelming and chemical-like. It gave me a headache, I had to throw them out and open windows to air out the house.

These make the house smell great!

these are the strongest good smelling wax melts and they smell longer than others .

cheap and work very well

Smell awesome and a great price!

I LOVE wax melts. I have probably 6000 things to melt wax cubes, and i have tried a TON of different ones. But these ones are not that impressive. They smell amazing when im in the store, but as soon as i get home and start melting..they dont smell like they did in the store. The smell is either too over powering, or i can barely smell them. though the price is right for how much is in the pack.

I use these all the time. Everytimeni go to walmart im having my family pull me out of the isle from taking so long going through all the scents.. I gave 4 starts csuse I think they could last a bit longer and always could be cheaper but $2 isnt bad I suppose... I definitely recommend them!! Stock up like I do!!! They are great to have around.

I looooooove these. I especially love the spa scented one (I can't think of what it's called!) --- it's so tranquil & calming!

I like the cost of these waxes, I don't think they last as long as scentsy, but still a great product.