Better Homes & Garden Wax Melts

Better Homes & Garden Wax Melts

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These are AMAZING! Me & my husband get these everytime we go to Walmart. They are $2 dollars and well worth it! They smell your entire house up. Each pack has 6 bricks in it. They have many different scents which Blueberry Muffin, Country Kettle Corn, and Cranberry Chutney are our favorites. What I do is once I've burned them for a day the next day I keep the the plastic that they are molded in and pour the wax back into the mold and I can get at least one more use out of it.

BH&G wax melts are a great buy. They are just as good as the pricier brands. There is a huge variety of scents to choose from. I poor the melted wax back into the original container when I turn my burner off as this seems to insure the scent remains strong.

I am not a fan of Better Homes and Gardens wax melts because I don't think the scent is as good as Glade or Febreze, but I bought The Pumpkin Spice one because it was on sale. It is glorious!!!! The smell just fills my house with a delightful spicy pumpkin scent that I just love.

These make the house smell great!

these are the strongest good smelling wax melts and they smell longer than others .

cheap and work very well

Smell awesome and a great price!

I absolutely LOVE these tarts! They are plenty strong enough to scent my large roomed farmhouse, last a long time, and are only $2.00 a pack. There are tons of scents to choose from, and they have seasonal scents too, so keep checking your Walmart. (FYI - The Better Homes & Gardens brand and the Scentsational brand are made by the same company, but BH&G is exclusive to Walmart stores.) All of the Scentsy lovers out there should take note of these affordable and strongly scented tarts!

Great product

I like the cost of these waxes, I don't think they last as long as scentsy, but still a great product.

I love these! I have a ton of them that I use everyday! This is my favorite brand of scents.

For the price, you can't go wrong with these. They have a huge selection of scents and they are just as good as the other brands of wax melts in my opinion.

these are great, walmart has so many different scents its so hard to pick which one u want the house to smell like each nite!, u can use them in small tart warmer or the large one either one works great, i received mine for xmas and i use it almost every nite. one of my favorite xmas presents!!!

Great scents and easy purchasing access. I prefer Scentsy over these, but do purchase BH&G as well. Some of the BH&G scents are very unique.

I really enjoy the different varietys of scents. They make the entire house smell great. They do tend to lose there effectiveness after a while, but being only $2.00 it is worth it.