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I looked at all the tablets before deciding on the Nook. I used it until they came out with the newer and larger screened HD tablet about a year and a half ago. I love it. My husband took my old one so now we both have a Nook tablet. I found it to be reasonably priced and has excellent features. If I have any questions, I can stop in at a Barnes and Noble and there is always someone eager to help me. If I'm in the area, I can also take my Nook in and read anything in the store for an hour per day. That it nice if you want to check out new authors. There are a lot of tablets out there but I love my Nook. I am busy during the week but I call Saturday and Sunday "me and my Nook day".

I really enjoy the Nook. The Nook is very user friendly. I also like that my kids can download games and books for themselves. It makes reading fun for them.

I recently had the Nook color. It was a great reader tablet, but I was disappointed in the apps. It frequently froze up and would randomly shut off. The salesman in Books-A-Million said that was a common complaint and that they didn't have a fix for that other than completely resetting (which also didn't work). I ended up selling it on ebay when I purchased my smartphone and didn't have an interest in purchasing another... so I can't say it's something I cannot live without.

I love the nook books you can get magazines for half the price and great cheap books.

I got mine also for my birthday from my husband. I love it i already have tons of nook books on it. I love that i can also do web searches on it

I had purchased the Nook Tablet and kept having to go into my daughter's room to find it, so I bought her the Nook Color and she was just as happy with it as with my Nook Tablet. I wasn't a part of this campaign, but feel so strongly about this product that I had to share my feelings about it. I also own a Kindle Fire, but find myself preferring the Nook. The Nook's battery last longer and has many more features that are easier to access then the Kindle. I even bought one for my son and his family, they love it. Now I can send them Barnes and Noble gift cards to use for apps and books. Great gift that makes it easy to keep on giving without your family having to have something else to carry around.

Love my Nook! It's so easy to take all of my books with me, and I don't have to worry about damaging the covers while carrying the books around. A side benefit - I no longer have people asking me to borrow books, so I don't have to have a silent panic attack about whether or not my book is going to be returned in the same condition that I lent it out in!

My son got this as a Christmas present. Wow is all I can say. He's 15 and really isn't into reading. Well thanks to the color Nook, he's reading daily. Me and his dad actually can't believe he's reading books. This is the best thing out.

I received a nook color for my birthday. I was hesitant because I love the feel of a real book in my hand. I purchased a cover for my nook and it took care of the book feel. I love my nook. I am 50 and I have to wear reading glasses and I feel that I can see the screen so much better and am feeling less eye strain when I read. It is also very portable and you can read anywhere, even in low light. There are so many free books that have caught my interest that I have not purchased a book yet. My only complaint is if you purchase a book, you should be able to share it more than once.

In our house we have both the Nook tablet and the Kindle Fire tablet. The Nook tablet is mine. I have used the kindle fire and read books on it as well. But I have to say I like the Nook Tablet better for reading. The backlight isn't as harsh on the Nook as it is on the Kindle Fire. The Nook background can also be changed which i like. It feels more custom to me and it weighs less than the kindle fire. I think if you had to pick it really depends on what your using it for. The kindle fire seems to be more of a tablet for gamers, where as I think the Nook tablet is more a tablet for people who like to read. The Nook tablet also has volume buttons on the side and it annoys my husband that the kindle fire doesn't. I really like the ease of reading on it. When I get my "me" time I grab a nice cup of coffee and read on my nook tablet.

I absolutely love my nook! It comes in handy when I have to buy my books for school they're WAY cheaper than at the bookstore. I also love that you can read books on the nook for free when you're at the barnes and noble store.

Great system for those who LOVE to read. I bought one when it first came out but barely used it. If you're not a reader I suggest you save your money, it wouldn't be worth it.

I recieved the Nook Color last year for my birthdya and I ABSOLUTELY loved it - I loved it so much that I got the Nook Tablet for Christmas this years. I find myself reading so much more now that I can always have my library in my purse. Its like having a PC in my purse the internet is wonderful and I can watch movies via Netflix when I want I have a hotspot via my phone so I always have internet available.

I received the Nook Color from my daughter for my birthday last year. I just love it . The Nook and I are inseparable. It was with me while in the hospital and made my stay more bearable. It is easy to use, has a brilliant display, is a great size for travel and has so many features. I don't know if I use it more for reading, playing games or surfing the web. It is definitely "the must have" electronic device.

I love it. I had a Kindle and thought I was set. I love the all recipies apps and use them continually. I love being able to have my magazines in full color. I cannot believe how technology has advanced. I love it.