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  • katfos By  katfos    

    Great lip gloss. It has tingle when you put it on and it stays on well for a gloss. I didn't give it 5 stars because it tends to be a little sticky.

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  • pinkorchidmakeup By  pinkorchidmakeup    

    The best of the best! I LOVE these lip glosses. They last a very long time. Non-sticky, great formula. Totally recommend.

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  • jillnunn By  jillnunn    

    it's hard for me to keep a lipgloss with a pre-teen daughter because we both love this one so much. awesome product! love it

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  • bishopb95 By  bishopb95    

    This is my favorite lip gloss! They have so many different colors that are all beautiful. It is smooth and not at all sticky. It lasts forever also!

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  • Taylerbootz By  Taylerbootz    

    I don't mind most lip plumping glosses. But this one feels cold and tingles for as long as it is on your lips! I can't stand it! If they made regular glosses, I would probably like them, but I can't stand the feel of these.

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  • burgchick By  burgchick    

    One of my favorite glosses. Love the tingle and staying power on my lips. The color is sheer and beautful. I continue to buy new colors as I love it.

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  • msbluestone13 By  msbluestone13    

    I really like this stuff! I like many of the B.E. prods tho. I like the colors and I LOVE the tingle. I didnt like that this stuff was slightly sticky. OF COURSE it is a gloss and is by no means a "stay-put" gloss..but I felt i had to re-apply a little more then I like to. Other then that I love this gloss. I'll most likely be buying more when I'm out :)

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  • Emmsey By  Emmsey    

    Love these. Make lips all tingly and feel great. Slight sticky-ness, but not enough to be a problem. My favorite is Sandy

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  • acohen By  acohen    

    Really nice color and scent and peppermint feel. I just don't like that it's pretty sticky.

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  • mrsbdavis By  mrsbdavis    

    nice shine

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  • MomeeGina By  MomeeGina    

    Love this lip gloss. It's nice and cool on the lips.

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  • klafave By  klafave    

    I am a fan of Bare escentuals but I particularly love this Buxom lipgloss. I had stopped using gloss because everyone seemed sticky and messy on the lips. Buxom is smooth and lasts all day. I love it

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  • jenshinn By  jenshinn    

    I LOVE this lipgloss. it is lovely by itself and transforms any lipstick. It has just the right amount of shimmer and isn't tacky like cheap gloss. I am smitten with amber, but like all that I have. Great product.

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  • midwestkiddoc By  midwestkiddoc    

    I love this product. Dolly is my go-to shade, and I have have several stashed (my purse, the vanity, my desk, etc) so that I never have to be without it.

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  • dina110 By  dina110    

    This is my favorite gloss and I have tried many. It is not too sticky. Your hair won't get caught in the gloss on a windy day. I love the tingly feeling. I wish the color on some were a little deeper, but that is my only complaint.

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