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  • savingsmania By  savingsmania    

    These are so convenient, perfect for traveling to keep my skin perfect.

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  • AshleyEverett By  AshleyEverett    

    I've struggled with acne since my early teens and now that I am approaching my mid-twenties, my skin is no longer breaking out as much but, I am left with dark spots and discoloration from the blemishes of my past. These pads, along with other products from the smae line have really began to perform an overhaul on my skin; its smoother, the dark spots are fading and the frequency with which I am breaking out has decreased so much that I feel comfortable enough to leave the house makeup free!

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  • afaye5 By  afaye5    

    Ive tried proactive, clearasil, cetaphil, prescription acne reducers.. the aveeno daily cleansing pads are amazing one side is smooth and the other is like a microdermabration texture to remove dead skin. This product has improved my acne very much. I love it.

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  • deikenb87 By  deikenb87    

    I love this, it's especially good for what you pay for. I used to get breakouts but now that I use this I have seen a BIG improvement! Try it!

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  • gwanita By  gwanita    

    i love all aveda products....great scents

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  • sonyjean By  sonyjean    

    This really works. I'm a product junkie so I try lots of products to find the next best thing or just to see what the hype is. Now these are great. Especially for traveling you can just put a few in a ziplock bag and boom no mess no fuss. I even have found a way to stretch my dollar even futher I cut the pads in half. I found that I don't need a whole pad for my face and that half of one still works great. They make my skin feel great and they also smell wonderful.

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  • ARLS01 By  ARLS01    

    I absolutely love this product. It works great to remove any make-up, oils or dirt that builds up on my skin. I have a problem with cleansing pads drying out my skin but I have never had a problem with this.

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  • cgreviews By  cgreviews    

    I've tried out some other cleansing pads before and they've never worked quite as well as these! I love that the scrubbing side is actually made to scrub! Some are just a complete joke and way too gentle to be considered the "scrubbing" side. I can really give my face a nice scrub if I want and get a deep clean feeling. I also love how these are sooo moist and I don't have to add any water at all to get the product on my face! Also, just flip the pad over and you can wash any sensitive area, like the eyes. This doesn't dry out my skin at all. I actually feel nicely moisturized afterward. Another favorite!

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  • FreeBeingX By  FreeBeingX    

    This product has 3 pros that matter: It works, it's affordable and it lasts! The cleanser works well enough that it takes care of buildup and prevents blackhead and breakouts, but it is also surprisingly gentle an non-drying. This is great for my "middle-aged" skin and it works just as well for my niece who is in her mid 20s.

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