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  • herbalkate By  herbalkate    

    Color-coordinated to complement your eye color

    This is a good basic eyeshadow trio. I used it for several years with good results before I moved on to larger palettes. They are color-coordinated to complement your eye color and have an eyeliner and mascara match, as well, to complete your look. This would be a great trio for a beginner or someone who doesn't want a lot of fuss but wants to add a little dimension to her eyes. Like some of the other ladies, I didn't necessarily like the color recommended for my brown eyes so I used the one for hazel eyes instead. But I switched around a little depending on my mood and what I was wearing.

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  • Photographer25 By  Photographer25    

    While it is described as hypo-allergenic, it still made my eyes turn red. I like the colors.

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  • ksammi20 By  ksammi20    

    I have blue eyes, and I do not care for the colors that came with. I prefer the the green eye color. It does not stay on all day.

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  • Bayou715 By  Bayou715    

    Their color choices are really nice (just the right amount of shimmer) and, while I have brown eyes, I've been able to use other sets that are complimentary to my eye color. It's a little disappointing that it doesn't last very long (seemed like I had to reapply every other hour). The price does tend to run a bit higher than other eye shadows so I expected to get a little more wear time out of this product.

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  • reedsar By  reedsar    

    I am in love with neutral colors, so this product is perfect for me. I got it from my mom a while ago and I still use it and it still looks pretty good! I'm not complaining here!

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  • tina2367 By  tina2367    

    My eyes are hazel with green flecks so I bought the one for hazel & the one for browns. I love both. They are easy to apply and stay on for quite awhile (6 hours or more) They brighten my eyes and help draw attention away from my dark circles. They are deep and silky shades the reflect the flecks of green in my beautifully hazel my eyes more ..thanks

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  • erinmartin By  erinmartin    

    Really think that they don't put good color combinations together. The eyeshadows don't pop and they don't last very long.

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  • honeydew66 By  honeydew66    

    It goes on smooth but the colors dont pop.The colors are to dull.

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  • k8e462 By  k8e462    

    Good eye shadow, but doesn't stay on all day. Easy to apply. I purchased the set for blue eyes, but found myself not using the blue color that came with it.

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  • msbluestone13 By  msbluestone13    

    love this eye shadow! the colors are paired up nicely and it stays on. the only way they could make this better in my opinion is if the shadow application was LONGER.. its too short and awkward to handle, even for my small fingers.

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  • skylola123 By  skylola123    

    I love these, I do not stick with the color my eyes are more suited for. I purchase the colors I want but the one that has worked wonders for me has been the one for brown eyes. The all over lid color is a purple but rarely use it, what I love is the contour and the highlight from that package. I haven't been able to find anything that compares, I hope this item never gets discontinued.

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  • Outgoing1 By  Outgoing1    

    I think Almay made a big mistake by suggesting eye color with these eyeshadows. I had purchased 2 different combinations, and only used one color per set of 3.

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  • vmvazquez83 By  vmvazquez83    

    I have hazel eyes and I love the hazel shadow! It looks great every time, is easy to apply, and works great for every day makeup.

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  • clarinetgirl By  clarinetgirl    

    I have a weird gray eye color, so I got the blue eye one and it was a bit off. The little brush they give you is kind of awkward because it's too short. It stayed on okay.

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  • tufftiff By  tufftiff    

    Not very impressed..... used a couple of times but didnt stay well and the colors are a little bland!

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