Adens Aden  + Anais

Adens Aden + Anais

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Hands down, favorite blankets! Perfect for swaddling! We purchased other A&A items because they were so loved.

Worth the hype I didn't want to buy these because I thought they were overpriced. I ended up using these waaaaay more than I thought I would! They were perfect for swaddling my newborn for the first few weeks -- it kept him cozy in his blanket burrito while the breathable fabric prevented him from overheating. I also used these as nursing covers, burp clothes to wipe his spit up, and light blankets to set him on top of grass in the summer. They come out soft and fluffy from the dryer after every wash and we're still using them a year later!

These are beautiful and adorable. The fabric is so soft. We tried to use these for swaddling and they were just too stretchy. For blankets, covers for breast feeding, or a light cover they are great but I found that they just weren't great for swaddling.

I LOVE these blankets! They're soft, light-weight, and bigger than most other blankets. I love that they can be used as a nursing cover or car seat cover if needed and they make the BEST swaddles! They were given to us as a gift but I do know they are a bit pricey but I still think they are worth every penny. I buy them for my friends and relatives and will make sure I have these blankets for every baby I have in the future!

Cuddly soft I gave it 3 stars based on price point...a lil rich for my blood but I recieved these as a baby shower gift and I, or should I say my babylove adores these! They are so soft and breathable. I keep one in the car to drape over the car seat on super sunny days, one in the diaper bag for feedings and one draped on the crib for swaddles. Light weight and breathable.

LOVE LOVE LOVE I loved these blankets. I have swaddle blankets, crib sheets, bream blankets, etc all from this company. I love them. My son was having difficulty sleeping at our baby sitters and I gave him one of these one day bc it was a little cooler, he will only sleep with it now down there. He loves to rub it on his face. I typically buy these for baby shower presents and they can be a little expensive.

Love these! Having a summer baby? These are a must buy. They are amazing weather you want to swaddle your baby or breastfeeding. So light and breathable your baby won't sweat! Love them!

Love these! Having a summer baby? These are a must buy. They are amazing weather you want to swaddle your baby or breastfeeding. So light and breathable your baby won't sweat! Love them!

I received 8 of these blankets as shower gifts and almost returned 4 of them. I am so glad I didn't! This was the only blanket I was able to successfully swaddle my baby because of the size and its thinness. The material didn't make my daughter sweat and were easy to use and clean. Absolutely love them!

they are super expensive but they are worth it. They feel amazing and my son loves to be snuggled with them

These are by far my favorite swaddle blankets that I received for my gift. I had felt a little weird registering for blankets that seemed pretty expensive compared to other swaddle blankets, but they just kept on being recommended and now I can see why. They are the best. They are much bigger than most other swaddle blankets and the material is so light and is excellent quality. I even have other muslin swaddle blankets of a different brand and they aren't as nice as the aden and anais fabric. We use them every day to play on now that she is older and they have held up very well. The patterns are adorable. And if you are in the market for more aden and anais, the burpy bibs are also very awesome and totally worth it. You get two uses out of it.

Loved the super cute patterns and that they were so soft and light. I also used this as a nursing cover!

Super cute and awesome. Love this brand so much. Super expensive though.

Love these blankets! They are super soft, and very comfy. The only brand I use so often. My favorite.