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  • JennicaJanae By  JennicaJanae    

    Love Rakuten

    I'm obsessed with Rakuten (formely known as Ebates). My favorite part about is is the chrome extension where I can easily shop online and earn cash back on almost all of my purchases.

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  • katieshuck By  katieshuck    

    I just started using Ebates a month ago and have already gotten a lot of great deals on things I typically buy online anyways. It's a great way to get even more for your buck when you're shopping online. I also like that it combines with coupons, so I got a great Snapfish deal of 60% off + 20% ebate.

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  • tastylatinkitty By  tastylatinkitty    

    I love this site.. really what can I not say about it.. you shop like you normally would and you get money back on the purchases you would normally make anyway!! Plus you get bonuses for referrals etc!! It's amazing!! And there are soo many stores/retailers to choose from! I regret not having joined sooner!

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  • cupidbaby0311 By  cupidbaby0311    

    I just recently started using this website - and I ask myself WHY had I not done it before now?!?! With us much as I shop online I could have made much more. But now that I'm in the "know" I will always go through ebates when I shop online! I even installed the icon on my browser and it tells me when I'm on a site that offers a discount which is great for those who can't remember to go through the site every time (ME!!!!). I haven't racked up much yet, but every little bit counts!

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  • ShellM4 By  ShellM4    

    If you like to shop online then sign up for Ebates, it free and easy. I am constantly getting checks from them as I am a big online shopper. I now just mostly take the Amazon gift codes from them as I shop there a lot. Well worth it!

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  • kellerman83 By  kellerman83    

    Online shopping is definitely something I'm a very big fan of. And if you do ANY online shopping, you NEED ebates. It's free to sign up, no I take that back, they pay you in gift card to sign up. You simply go to their site, find the store you're looking for and they redirect you to the site. They get commission from your purchase for referring you, and they give you a percentage of your purchase back. Percentages vary but I recently got 8% back at Sephora, so they are pretty decent. I've been a member since 2005 and have gotten back $414.25 so far.

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  • laxhockeymom By  laxhockeymom    

    The www.ebates.com website is a great place to earn cash for doing what we do best...shopping! Especially at this time of year, when we are all looking to stretch our money a little further, you can start at ebates, look up the site you wish to purchase from, make your purchase, and get a % back in return! It's that easy. Ebates sends out quarterly checks and you have a portion of your spending back in your pocket. Not every store participates of course, but the list is quite extensive and some of the deals and percents back are significant. Check it out!

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